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Nov 22, 2005


If it had only happened a couple of times I wouldn't have thought twice about it but over a dozen times in the past couple of weeks I have taken calls from people wanting information about the tournament on Sunday, November 20.

As politely as possible (or at least as politely as possible for a mean and grumpy field owner) I reminded each caller that it was a BIG GAME, not a tournament!

And now it's necessary to explain why it makes a difference to me.

A big game is not a tournament, no matter how hard some people try to make it so.

Once upon a time BIG GAMES/SCENARIO GAMES use to consist of a bunch of folks coming together, splitting up into two teams, and playing paintball all day and in some cases on through the night.

Now (actually they have been around awhile) there are Big Game/Scenario (BG/S) teams. They are made up of players, sometimes a few in number, more often ten or fifteen strong that play as a team within the team. Sometimes they are tasked with special operations. Usually they are there just to wreak havoc or to attempt to show off just enough to win the Best Team award that is tossed out at these events.

There was once a time when all I had to worry about while playing these Big Games or Scenarios was popping over a hill and finding myself outnumbered by a Dad and his two sons. Now you can't go to these events with out wondering where or when you might come up against a BG/S team squad strength complete with radio communications and rear echelon support! Yet another class of players to add to the already over flowing class list of players (rec-ball, woodsball, tournament, airball, noobie, amateur, pro, division I, division II, pump, semi, electro, 3 man, 5 man, 7 man, x-ball, PSP, NPPL, ad naseum...)!

I don't like BG/S teams. They are not good for Big Games or Scenarios. I will not allow a BG/S team play (intact**) in my Big Games (**they are welcomed to attend as long as they agree to split up).

It's suggested by some that there is a place for BG/S teams, that they should form an association or league and play each other tournament style! It has been tried. I can tell you it won't catch on due to the very nature of BG/S teams.

Tournament teams are created in hopes of becoming the best among many. BG/S teams are formed in order to insure they are the best among a few.

It's an elitist thing!

And keep in mind - the "comments" section is turned off but you are always welcome to e-mail me (include "paintball" somewhere in the subject or it's trashed). Also keep in mind that these are my humble opinions so your comments will be regarded as irrelevant. Love you all! Have a happy Turkey Day!


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