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Sep 4, 2008

More Gustav...

As predicted the water came in over the top of the concrete floor.

The top pic shows the water working its way across the
floor of my back apartment while the bottom one
shows it working across the office floor.

Here the water has made it across both rooms, out into the
hallway and is making its way toward the pro-shop.

Fortunately things turned out OK in this building. I'm hoping the seven fans I have blowing will dry the paneling and keep it from warping and turning to mold.

The Gun Shed got hit the hardest. I was pretty sure I poured that slab at the same height as the Pro-Shop but of course I had no surveying gear- just a framing square and a string level. Turns out it's poured around 4 inches lower than the Pro-shop so, yeah, 4 inches of water came running into one end and out the other. The worst hit was Team 120's team room. My thanks to Kevin and Zach for showing up this evening to help carry out the rug that must have been 400 lbs soaking wet. There is lots and lots of drywall needing to be dried.

Like I said earlier, it could have been worse. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families that lost loved ones and are digging their way out of some way tougher spots. Life goes on. The main fields are still under water but we will be playing paintball come Saturday.

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