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Sep 16, 2008

No paintball here...

I mentioned a few posts back that paintball is not the only thing that makes me mean and grumpy. Commercials can really get me cranked at times. There's one running now about some cheap Hyundai that "handles better than a BMW 550i." What makes them think I have any idea how a BMW 550i handles?

And those commercials about products that destroy 99.99 percent of germs. Studies show the average toilet has 30 million germs per square inch crawling around on it. Kill 99.99 percent of them and you are left with 300,000 per square inch. Conservatively figure just the toilet seat ring has 30 square inches and you still have 9 million germs. Just how many does it take?

And don't get me started on the number of commercials that emasculate men. Pay attention some evening, to the number of commercials that make boyfriends and husbands and fathers look like complete idiots. What do these caricatures tell our young children who are not aware enough to understand the concept of sarcasm and satire?

And don't worry about being materialistic. The credit card people at Discover say it's because "there is so much out there." Leave it to them, they say, and they will "take care of you" and help you get everything you want.

"STOP WATCHING T.V." I hear you shouting. Head in the Sand will be my next subject.

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Yes, I know Steve Davidson found the property that was the site of the first ever paintball game. No, I don't care. (Dale from the Ford Report)

"How is paintball like golf? Golf is played outdoors on nice, well kept grass or, if something goes horribly wrong, off in the woods. Same with paintball." (Baca Loco)

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