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Oct 9, 2008

You never know what you might find...

I'm a computer/internet/teckie geek in training. I'm not doing so good. Twenty six years ago I thought I was an Einstein, taping out a code in Basic on the chicklet keyboard of a Timex-Sinclair. A couple of years later it was a Commadore 64 (that's 64 as in 64 kilobytes of ram - compared to the computer I'm using now - about a gazillion bytes.

Between then and now everything is a blur. I have no idea how to work an IPod, got a cell phone just a year ago and have used it three times (It has text option. Who knew!?), can't tell the difference between a Blackberry and a rutabaga and don't even get me started on TiVo.

Anyway, what got me started was discovering my blog traffic counter has an option to look at keywords and phrases people have used to find this site or stumble upon it as the case may be.

One that got me laughing was "paintball field business plan." I'm sure they left disappointed. It has been 15 years and I still don't have a clue. Another was "big balls." I wonder if they were really looking for a paintball link? And then there was "square paintballs." Maybe they got a bad box.

The kicker was this one; "video alligator climbing over a chain link fence."

Yup. Takes you right to this post;


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"A billion-dollar company tried to steal my identity, and I was able to fight and regain my identity. That's why I'm on cloud nine; I fought the giant and I'm a success story against Activision." (Greg Hastings)

Yakity yak.... 3 shot rulz... take 3 shots at my field and take a break. what's the hurry? who ya tryin to impress? this aint no freak show! why waste paint? can't hit em with three? throw three more. can't hit em with them? go fishin~ (me, on Facebook)

Yes, I know Steve Davidson found the property that was the site of the first ever paintball game. No, I don't care. (Dale from the Ford Report)

"How is paintball like golf? Golf is played outdoors on nice, well kept grass or, if something goes horribly wrong, off in the woods. Same with paintball." (Baca Loco)

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