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Dec 4, 2008

Paintball roller coaster...

Tomorrow John Amodea is going to offer his ideas on “What Have We Done To Our Game.” I don't mean to steal Mr Amodea's thunder but there are a few things that come to my mind.

Mil-sim proves we don't even learn from our mistakes.

Field owners are trying to make nickels and dimes while the industry nickels and dimes us to death. I wrote about it here and here. The industry has sucked the bottom clean. From the customer to the retailer/field owner to the wholesaler to the manufacturer to the corporations to the stock holders. Everything flows upward. The juice is suppose to flow down.

When R&D and manufacturing went from the backyard garage to industrial factories quality control went out the door. More here and here.

The industry screwed Pro-shops by taking away our after market products.

We took the GAME and turned it into something ugly and unrecognizable. We ignore the Game and feed the Monster (Competition).

We shoot ourselves in the foot with our own stupidity. Here and here and here and here and here and on and on and on and I know you are not going to read all of this.

So how about Paintball Assassin, Murder Inc., Punisher Paintball, Violent Products, Bad Habitz, Vendetta Paintball, Maddman Products, Hater Paintball, Deadly Wind, Full Clip???

Hemorrhage paint, Killer grips, PBNation fighting with TechPB, Smart Parts devouring the competition...

I have more. Most of the staff and regulars here at T-Square know not to get me started.

Paintball is still a relatively young sport so it's no surprise to find bullys and school yard grandstanding and name calling and finger pointing.

Mr Amodea says he has solutions to our problems.

I'm listening.


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