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Jan 27, 2009


So, Mick. Why do you have a blurry picture of a sign on your blog header?

Well. It's like this. Owning a field is more than a player with a shiny DM9 posed behind a pristine air ball bunker. Owning a field includes worrying about somebody throwing a beer bottle through your sign or stealing it. It's one more look back over your shoulder - before heading home for the evening - at nets flapping in a 40 mph wind. It's Mom having a fit and demanding to know when the bruise on little Johnny's butt is going to heal. It's cutting grass and filling in pot holes and fixing the bathroom door handle, again.

It's payroll and taxes and wondering if the field paint is going to arrive on time. Owning a field is having the Sheriff stop by to ask what color fill you are using this week. It's holding your breath and crossing your fingers each time you do a rental equipment inventory. It's the broken ankle on field two, the missing cell phone on field six and the two kids who think it's OK to fire off their last few rounds in the parking lot.

Owning a field is all this and, of course, a lot more. I don't think I can get it all to fit on the header photo. So, I went with the blurry sign.


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