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Nov 5, 2009

10 Essential Gear Bag Items (part one)...

Just like the Boy Scouts you need to "Be Prepared" when you get to the paintball field. Nothing can sour your day more than not having a simple essential. I bet you can think of things to add to this list. Tailor it to your needs and never get caught short at the field.

Paintball marker oil (NOT GUN OIL) or grease - Even if you never clean your typical blowback design marker PLEASE place about five drops of marker oil down the ASA before you screw on a tank. Higher rate of fire markers require grease. They cycle so fast oil doesn't stand a chance.

Hex wrenches - It makes me crazy when someone asks me for a wrench so they can adjust their $1500 marker. Ok, so it makes me crazy anytime anyone needs a tool. Have something that will remove every fastener on your marker. And NO, that does not mean one set of locking pliers.

Squeegie/Swab - Even the best paint will find a way to break in your marker. A swab is good for a quick fix while on the field. In the safe zone a pull through does the most thorough job.

Rag/Micro Cloth - Despite what most think that one dry spot left on the shirt sleeve is not a good place to wipe a lens. Even a roll of toilet paper would be better (It might come in handy for other things, too!).

Lens cleaner - Believe me when I tell you there isn't an anti-fog spray in the world that works as advertised. But a good lens cleaner like JT Plexus has a protective coating quality that will extend the life of your lens.

That's five.  Tomorrow five more.

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