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Dec 28, 2009

According to Kingman...


We have created a top ten list to show the advantages of the brand new Spyder .50 Caliber paintball line. Without a doubt you will see all the positive points to using this new smaller than traditional size paintball. See for yourself!

1) Air Efficiency – Highly Air Efficient Patent Pending “EKO™” Valve System is capable of up to 3,500 shots from a 20 OZ. and up to 2,000 shots from a 12 OZ. CO2 tank, in contrast to a .68 Caliber marker which averages 800 shots from a 20 OZ. and 600 shots from a 12 OZ. tank.

2) Shipping and Storage
– A 2,000 round case of .50 Caliber paintballs is half the size of a 2,000 round case of .68 Caliber paintballs. The shipping cost is reduced by almost half and the amount of space required for storage can be doubled.

3) Transportability – Since the paintballs are smaller, a traditional 140 round pod/tube made for .68 Cal. can carry 350 rounds of .50 Cal. paintballs.

4) Light and Compact
– All related equipment is smaller and lighter like the marker, loader, tank and paintballs but is capable of delivering almost twice the volume of paintballs. Players will be inclined to carry more paintballs and enjoy the game longer.

5) Player Benefits
– Player’s mobility is improved for movement on the playing field and is not weighed down by heavy gear and paint which results in player fatigue. The overall size and weight of the equipment is less cumbersome for the player to carry around during a game. Length of time spent on the field is increased because players do not have to reload their pods/tubes or tanks as often.

6) Cost Less
– The sport of paintball becomes a more viable option for all paintball players because of the lower cost of equipment and paintballs. A 2,000 round case of .50 Caliber paintballs will cost substantially less than a case of .68 Caliber paintballs of equivalent grade. The number of shots per tank is dramatically increased to almost four times with the use of any Spyder .50 Caliber marker compared to .68 Caliber markers.

7) Range and Accuracy
– The range of a .50 Caliber paintball is comparable to a .68 Caliber because of its lighter weight and smaller surface, with the low recoil of the marker it maintains a more accurate flight path capable of placing your shots within a tight grouping.

8) Marking Characteristic
– Specially formulated fill and shell material were developed for the Slate™ .50 Caliber paintballs. Shell fragmentation is exemplary with its high frangibility for maximum paint dispersion on impact and bright thick paint fill to leave a distinguishable mark on your target.

9) Low Impact
– Since the paintball has less mass the energy carried during impact even at 300 feet per second is tolerable and less likely to cause excessive bruising of the skin. Impact energy at 300 feet per second is rated at approximately 5 joules compared to 13 joules from a .68 Caliber paintball fired at the same velocity.

10) Introduction To Sport
– This is a great tool to use for introducing new players into the sport because it is less intimidating. It is a gateway for those non-paintball players who are apprehensive about trying paintball, and is a great alternative from the .68 Caliber.


Illuminati,  Dec 29, 2009, 12:31:00 PM  

I hate to be a big downer, but there is so many things wrong with your points here that I can't explain without it being a very long and boring post. So I will just hit the highlights......

1. Either it is lighter or you are carrying more on the field.....not both. The moment you fit 350 rounds in a pod the weight becomes simular.

2. E=1/2mv2
Less mass means it is less accurate at mid to long ranges as wind effects it more, the drop off is sooner (less range) and less impact (less likely to break. The only field you will see improved performance on is a small field such as speedball.....and speedball is on its way out.

3. Lower impact with a smaller ball means that either the shell will have to be crazy thin (and likely to break in the barrel) to break, or we will have to adjust guns to 340fps to get the same break characteristics at 40-60+ feet that 68cal less impact mean more bounces.....and in 14 years of playing I have never seen "Excessive" bruising from any shots other than point blank or guns shooting hot.

4.Cost does everyone adjusting the production process for the new size happen for would take a couple thousand dollars to adjust the smallest of die-casts, then there are new boxes, new artwork, new marketing,new paint formulas, ect.......all of that is cost that will be passed down to the average player.

5.Air effeciancy......... I get a 1/2 case on a single fill on a 68/4500, and get all day air at 99% of fields I go to. Short of speedball this is much more than most players need. I cant even recall seeing a speedballer running out of air at any games down here (UWL, PSP World Cup, NPPL)

........and these are just the Highlights of what is wrong with the .50cal hype-machine.

Just my $.02

mick Dec 29, 2009, 8:47:00 PM  

Not my points. They're from Kingman's propaganda dept. I just threw them out there to get reactions. I agree with all of your counter points, Illuminati - for sure. Thanks for the input.

Illuminati,  Dec 30, 2009, 8:06:00 AM  

ohhh..... The way you had it posted up, I was under the impression that they were your true opinions......I guess you got the reaction that you were looking for after

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