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Mar 20, 2010

Saturday Paintball Reruns...

From October 25, 2006

The game…

Paintball is a game of skill. It's also a game of honesty and integrity.

When you are "hit" you call yourself out.

Imagine if ball players were responsible for calling their own balls and strikes or football players were left to determine on their own if they stepped out of bounds. How about race car drivers counting their own laps? Paintball is one of the very few games that place nearly all the responsibility for the game's direction and order on the player.

Sure there are referees on the paintball field, but usually no more than 1 or 2 who are mainly concerned for the safety of a dozen or more players. When you are all alone in a bunker and spot that quarter size splotch of paint on your leg it's real tempting to just reach down and wipe it off. Or when hit on the back; did it bounce or break? And if it broke is it a quarter size hit? Awww, who cares. Keep playing. It's "just a game".

Fortunately most players, because it really is "just a game", will call themselves out or ask a referee for a paintcheck. They don't consider the walk back to the safe zone as a walk of shame. Instead they show off their hits and consider them front line "badges of honor". Little white or pink or blue reminders that it is just a game.

Play safe. Play fun. Play fair.

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