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Apr 28, 2010

Paintball Myths - Part Five

Here's the fifth in the series by Billy Goodman on Paintball Myths:

Sights are useless in paintball

Despite what some people think, not everybody plays speedball where it's just one big slugfest and you don't have time to use a sight. I run into situations all of the time where I get the drop on an opponent and want my first shot to hit the target (especially when using a pump gun). I have been playing this game for a dozen years and have used sights successfully through the whole period.
This myth comes from the fact that in today's game, most people shoot buckets of paintballs and simply watch where the balls go, correcting as needed (water hose effect). While I too use this method when conditions warrant, it doesn't mean I don't like having a sight on my gun. A good shooting paintball gun may not have pinpoint accuracy, but they can be accurate enough to get "in the ballpark", and sometimes it's important to make your very first shots count, before you receive a hail of return fire. Magnified sights can be difficult to use in an intense firefight simply because the process takes too long, but there are situations where they can be used, both as a spotting device, and to aim the gun. Non-magnified red dot sights can be especially useful since they are quick to use. Even the open sights on older guns are useful for trying to put your first shot on target. Whether sights are useful or not depends entirely on your situation and your style of play.

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