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May 6, 2010

Any rainy Saturday AM...

Some lessons are learned the hard way. Others just kind of creep up on you over time.

It's two in the morning. Outside, rain is coming down in sheets and buckets and not just a few cats and dogs. Three of the five groups scheduled to play later today called earlier in the evening to cancel. No doubt the field will be unplayable for the rest. Perhaps a few hearty souls will show up to do battle even though it will be our inland version of Poseidon that will reign supreme.

Earlier in my paintball field owning career I would be up at two in the morning fretting over lost revenue and field damage. This morning it's just a bit of indigestion. The rain will stop at some point. Bunkers that float away tonight will be urged back into place after the flood plain drains and dries. The groups that can will reschedule. The ten day forecast shows rain for next weekend but thank goodness there is only a 50 percent chance the weather predictors will be right.

As time goes on I'm learning to worry less. Especially over things I have no control of. Life goes on. I'd like to think someday I'll have nothing to fret over. After all, there is very little we actually can control. That lesson might come in time but I doubt it. There's always something - and that I've learned the hard way.

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game paintball May 6, 2010, 7:09:00 AM  

rain will not reduce our enthusiasm in playing paintball.

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