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May 9, 2010

Sunday Paintball Funnies...

I'm not sure if this is even a paintball item. Doesn't matter. What concerns me is the description I highlighted in red. What kind of biohazard play are these people expecting?

Battle MAX MarkerBall Backpack Style Magazine Harness

Rugged backpack style shoulder harness allows rapid SCEPTOR v1.0 magazine reloading
Non-slip elastic sleeves hold 8 spare magazines (not included)
Easy to reach rear magazine positions for quick removal
Adjustable shoulder and waist straps for wide range of fitA
EGIS MICROBE SHIELD anti-microbial protection helps control odor and fungus
One Size Fits All

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Richelle Shattell May 10, 2010, 8:39:00 AM  

Judging by their product display pic, it looks like a pod backpack for a Kindergartener, lol. Seriously, how old is that kid?!

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