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Mar 21, 2005

So, what did these guys want?

I'm sitting in my office at midnight last night and I spot a car in the parking lot on my security monitor. I go to my upstairs window in time to see two guys get out of the car (there's a light in the parking lot) and walk directly to a spot at the edge of the lot where there is a pile of rocks and old bricks. I spotlighted them as they were walking toward the Pro-shop and they froze in there tracks. They said something to each other that I couldn't make out, jumped into the car and squealed the tires on there way out.

This morning I walked out to the parking lot to the spot where they were parked and found a brick laying on the ground.

They picked a perfect brick. It's completely covered with some sort of smooth, black, dry tar. I have fingerprints to go with the security tape!

What a world.


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