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Nov 29, 2006

Great minds…

Tyger ("Views from a paintball cynic" - has a dead on accurate rant about purchasing paintball talent. I would have hit on the subject sooner or later but I doubt I could make the point any clearer. You will have to scroll down to his 11.21.06 blog entry since I have no idea how to link directly to the entry. He includes some great paintball/video game correlations, too. Check it out!


Nov 26, 2006

Christmas lights…

I don't like electronic, sear tripping, rec-ball guns. I think I've made that redundantly clear. So don't be surprised, when you bring an aftermarket, electronic, thing-a-ma-jig for me to install if I get a little mean and grumpy.

A good example is the electronic trigger assembly you can buy for the Tippmann 98 or A5. Number one it's a pain in the behind to install. Number two it turns a perfectly good paintball gun into a marginally effective one and number three - the operating instructions read like the start up sequence instructions for a Saturn V rocket.

There's the matter of polarity. And then the boot up sequence.

And the lights.

There's a red one, a blinking red one, a blinking green one, a solid green one, an orange one. And then there's the alternating green/orange light and the alternating green/red light. All to indicate operating modes to include Semi, PSP, NXL, Auto response and of course, Turbo! And let's not forget the flashing red/green/orange light. It's a program verification indicator.

The DWELL can be set in increments of 1/1000th of a second. I'm sure that's pretty crucial when pinned down in a pallet bunker on the Fort Field! Among the 33 lines of text that explain how to adjust the DEBOUNCE setting you'll find this little gem - "When LED comes back on count the number of green flashes to determine the current setting and once the LED stops flashing you have 5 seconds to begin pulling and releasing the trigger once for every FULL 1 millisecond of time you want the DEBOUNCE to be."

ROF adjustment instructions are just as, ummm... clear!

Need something electronic hooked up to your perfectly running mechanical rec-ball gun? Look for me down at the fishing hole. I'm the one using the cane pole and cork bobber!

Happy Holidays to all!


Nov 5, 2006

It’s all fun and games till…

Question for backyard players:

Do you know how fast your "friends" are shooting at you?

I would NEVER consider playing with anyone that has not had their gun chronographed.

Getting hit by a paintball at over 300 feet per second can cause permanent scars. It can also punch a hole through a mask. Not to mention the damage it can do to your marker.

I have a hopper that I keep on my work bench. It has a hole punched through it from a "hot" paintball. A human skull is about the same thickness as the hopper.

At T-Square we chrono every rental gun and every personal gun at the start of every game day. We also play at 280 feet per second or below.

So, just how fast are your friends shooting at you? Mom, how fast is your child's friend shooting at him? Dad, how fast are you shooting at your son?


Nov 3, 2006


From the forum at PBNation

(quote) ok,a good friend of mine which is a very new to the sport thought co2 tanks[with valves etc] thought that once u use all the co2 out of it u throw them away,he said he spent about 135.00 on co2 tanks[my field sells them for 20.00 each filled].im posting here to make sure no one else makes his mistake. (end quote)

Ok, so it would be really tempting to make fun of this guy's friend. Count to ten, take a big breath and say to yourself, "Newbies are good, newbies are cool, newbies are the future of paintball"!

Play ball!


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