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Apr 30, 2009

Paintball - Then and Now...

Back in the early 80's a paintball hopper was a big deal. Going from 10 rounds to a whopping 90 changed the way people played forever. Add this VL-90 (VL as in View Loader, so named because you could view how much paint is left buy looking through the clear top) to a VM-68 Magnum, semi auto marker and you owned the field. The paintball purists were pretty sure paintball was ruined. To much paint in the air will make the game unsafe.

Now a days we defy gravity and force feed electronic guns faster than the human finger can pull the trigger. I have to admit, I like the looks of this Dye Rotor better than I do the VL-90. It was around the time the first electronic hopper came out that I pretty much decided paintball was ruined.

Seems our 80's predecessors were correct. The industry is finally starting to address the dangers of high rate of fire. Smart field owners figured it out years ago. Limit the rate of fire and everyone has more fun.

More on the Dye Rotor here.


Apr 29, 2009

Give me ALL your money...

"I see your sign out front says I need a gun plug."

"Yes, Sir."

"I suppose you make a fortune selling those things."

"There's a bucket of them near the door. They're free."


"Your welcome."


Apr 28, 2009

Who needs a Top Ten?

For some reason, I'm told, people like lists. The best of, the most of, the largest, the quickest etc. and on and on. Here's my favorite paintball list.

Reasons to play paintball:

#1. It's fun!

That's my list!

Other paintball lists: Christmas list


Apr 27, 2009

Do I even have a web site??? Part Two...

My daughter reminded me of another. This one coming in by phone:

Hello. I'm on your web site and I have a few questions. How much does it cost? Where are you located? When are you open? Do you have a pro shop? Can my 7 year old play and, oh yeah, can I bring my own paint? Please reply as soon as possible since we plan to play tomorrow.


Do I even have a web site - Part One


Apr 26, 2009

Sunday Paintball Funnies...

Question: What's the difference between a stock game and a semi game?
Answer: About 3000 paintballs.

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Apr 25, 2009

I wonder if they will keep their masks on?

Coming soon - "Paintball"

The teaser trailer for Paintball which will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. Eight strangers convene in a remote forest for an expensive experts-only paintball retreat. The enter the game at fulll throttle, but already something's not right. The rules have changed and more is at stake than they expected. This frantic thriller is akin to a live-action video game, but getting to Level 10 doesn't seem to guarantee anything.


Paintball is paintball...

every where you go:

Head Rush Paintball, Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai, India

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Apr 24, 2009

Worth repeating...

From September 24, 2005

Thank you (you know who you are)!

In most cases, before you decide to trust someone, you have some time to decide whether or not that person can be trusted. Before you hand the butcher's apprentice a meat cleaver you let him hack around with a paring knife. Before you hand out that engagement ring you allow a little time to pass in order to weed out the psychopaths. And before you turn over the keys to the nuclear power plant you do back ground checks on the new plant manager (Well, okay, maybe Homer Simpson is the exception!).

Extreme examples, but I think you get my point.

Not so at the paintball field. On nearly a daily basis I give high powered, air rifles and a hundred rounds of ammo to all ages and all manner of unknowns and then turn them loose in the woods to hunt each other down. Sounds almost crazy when I dwell on it for to long.

Of course, we do take some precautions. We vigilantly check equipment for safety and send trained observers (referees) into the woods to enforce rules.

Yet there is always some yucklehead (I just added that word to my spell check dictionary) who takes offense when I ask him to speed check his personal gun or quiz her on the safety video she just slept through! They think maybe I don't trust them.

Trust might be a given out here at the local paintball field but none of us just fell off the turnip truck. We know someone is going to try a suicide run into a bunker full of eleven year olds. Someone is going to pull off his gun plug and thrust the barrel into our face to show us the goo dripping from his barrel. And then, there is always the, "I don't need no safety briefing - I just want to shoot somebody" person!

My refs are instructed to be patient with everyone. But the yuckleheads are frustrating on so many levels. IT'S UNFORTUNATE that we have to bring EVERYONE down to the yucklehead's level since we just don't always have the time to pick and choose who we can trust.

If you are one of our more experienced players, the one who stands in the back of the crowd grinning while we brief the yuckleheads, I SALUTE your patience (This also includes players who may not be experienced but are patient and allow us time to address the yuckleheads). Believe me; it's greatly appreciated. I know of many players who have gone off to play at other fields because they took being lumped among the yuckleheads personal.


Budd Orr

I'm pretty sure Budd Orr would not be insulted if I said he was of the "old school". As the creator of Worr Game Products and the classic Autococker he has been around paintball for near as long as paintball has been around. As new and shiny and fast as everything is in the world of paintball these days this old school veteran still, week after week, tops the list of keywords used to lead people to this paintblog.

Live long and prosper, Mr Orr.

More Bud Orr posts: Junk Names Bud. Bud Orr... Sunday Paintball Funnies

Paintball: Rules, Tips, Strategy, And Safety


Apr 23, 2009

Paintballs that go blop...

Here's a rather interesting view of paintball through the eyes of a game programmer. Almost bizarre!

T-Square Paintball Online Web Store


Apr 22, 2009

Bling? Bling?

World's most expensive paintball gun?

EGO 09 Argyle covered with Swarovsi Crystals - Available now
at Planet Eclipse (If you have to ask "how much" you can't have it!!).


Do I even have a web site???

I get an e-mail like this one about twice a month:

Hello. I just looked at your web site and I have a few questions. How much does it cost? Where are you located? When are you open? Do you have a pro shop? Can my 7 year old play and, oh yeah, can I bring my own paint? Please reply as soon as possible since we plan to play tomorrow.

Someone do me a favor. Take a look at my T-Square Paintball web site and tell me what in the h*** I'm missing!

Ultimate Guide To Paintball


Apr 21, 2009

It's not all about paintball...

Some fun numbers:

EXXON made 42 billion last year - in profit!

As of this date the Florida Marlins are 11-1. Their total salary budget (including coaches and management and trainers, etc is 23 million. The NY Yankees are 7-6. Their player salary is somewhere north of 205 million.

A set of NASCAR tires run around $1500. Forty three cars go through close to 8 sets of tires during practice, time trials and the actual race. $516,000!

Utah leads the nation for on line porn subscriptions with an averaged 5.47 subscriptions per 1000 home broadband users compared to Montana with 1.92 per 1000.

When was the last time you brought a new player to the field? Take the poll


Apr 20, 2009

Paintball FYI...

Calling Saturday morning at 10:30 and leaving a message requesting a "reservation" for 30 people at noon does not earn you favor or the group rate. A reservation is a promise made between two people. Not a person and an answering machine. One promises a certain amount of people showing up at a certain time. The other promises, provided an opportunity to confirm, enough time, space and product to insure quality service.

My momma taught me that.

Do you know of any paintball eye injuries? Take the poll


Apr 19, 2009

Sunday Paintball Funnies...

QUESTION: What's the most important thing a semi owner should have in his parts kit?
ANSWER: A pump action paintball marker.


Apr 18, 2009

Paintball X-Files

You gotta laugh - UFO Spotted at Paintball Game!


Apr 17, 2009

Sorry, I couldn't resisit...

Go Team!


Apr 16, 2009

Shocking paintball news...

Breaking news from The Hawk Eye - Iowa's oldest newspaper:

School locked down after paintball found

Oak Street Middle School was placed on partial lockdown Wednesday after an exploded paintball was found in a boy's bathroom urinal. (See the rest of the story here.)


Over heard on Twitter...

Speaking of new players; Some of the greatest quotes from new players can be found on "Twitter."

Khuprus: Paintball was loads of fun, definitely understand what I was missing out on now :D

MixHitz: Happy Easter!! Just got back from playing paintball.. Instead of coloring eggs, I colored people..... Get 'em out!!!

@ArjangNorai omg... silly boy. last night i bitched out a guy who was supposed to be taking me out on a date. he wanted to play paintball

kfrance: Only one bruise from paintball, not bad

anukrishna: Went for a Paintball and BBQ birthday party. What a fun way to spend a birthday!

klandels24: I have 2 big welts from paintball, going again in 2 weeks, so excited!


Apr 15, 2009

Remember your first time?

Here is a fun "first timer" story. I'm sure you will all want to leave a comment welcoming Desiree to the game.

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Apr 14, 2009

The Tankinator...

Sometimes you just have to plant your tongue firmly in cheek and have a little fun. It makes me smile when people ask, "Does it work?"

When was the last time you brought a new player to the field? Take the poll here.


Apr 13, 2009

Is fake paintball safer/better?

WipeOut Chalk Dust Guns: Paintball Without the Paint or the Pain I wonder if Mom is going to ref and make sure the kids keep their safety glasses on? And that 6 dart refill pack? Do the math and tell me how many shots you get for $10.99 and tax! I'm just sayin'.


Apr 12, 2009

Sunday Paintball Funnies...

You know you're getting old when you seem to be the only one around who knows that the Budd Orr Sniper is NOT a pump action version of the Autococker. The Walkon


Apr 11, 2009

I've got nothin...

I hate giving boneheads like this the time of day but I'm in a total mood today. These are the idiots you expect to read about after a school shooting. The groups total IQ probably runs out at around 12 while their maturity level puts them at around 8 years of age. Total crap.


Apr 10, 2009

Paintball Technology - 1990's Style...

As much as I moan and groan about dumb politically incorrect names paintball manufacturers choose for their products you might think I'd give up. It's been going on for as long as there has been paintball as this example from 1990 shows.

"The Bloodsucker - The success of elite fighting forces hinge on
the precision of their fighting instruments."

Coming to to a blood bath near you. MSRP - $189 (picture courtesy of Vintage Rex)

Great Books from Amazon - Paintball for Fun!


Apr 9, 2009

Paintball perfection...

Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods are from another universe. That's the only way I can accept or comprehend their phenomenal abilities. I wonder what kind of skills a paintball player would need in order to reach the level of near perfection these two have reached?

I'm pretty sure it would have to be invisibility.

I recently read some thoughts of a man who has researched people like Lance and Tiger. He claims along with great DNA you must devote 10,000 hours to your particular skill as a teenager. That's only about 416 days. I say "only" because if you look at it as 6 hours a day it would be 1,666 days. If you only practice 3 hours a day that's 3,333 days. That's 9 years.

I can't imagine devoting 9 years in the pursuit of perfection toward anything. How do you get a teenager to do it? I can only imagine some pretty heavy handed persuasion. If only we could imagine and appreciate the benefits ahead.

Three hours a day for 9 years. I need to see some of you out at the field a little more often!

Vote here >> Put Paintball at the top of the sports list.


Apr 8, 2009

Paintball blockade...

I'm struggling here. I like to write. I'm not great at it but it allows me to pound out my daily stresses on a keyboard. I don't consider myself a "real" writer so if others are entertained that's a plus. I'm my biggest fan.

I made up my mind around the first of the year to post a blog everyday. Exercising writing skills is good for the mind just as physical exercise is good for the body. The evil writer's block has reared its head and now I fear my mind might start turning to mush. (Yeah, I know. It's already pretty close!)

Mostly what I write about is stuff on my mind. What I've been wondering lately is what's on your mind. Do you have some thoughts from a player's perspective? Some needs or wants or ideas? Any thoughts about paintball in general? Toss me a question. Or better yet, send me your own post for the T-Square Paintball Paintblog.

No, I can't pay you a writer's fee but I might be talked out of a field or rental fee. And who knows. It might spark the inner writer in you.

Great Amazon books - Paintball: Rules, Tips, Strategy, And Safety


Apr 7, 2009

Good player. Bad field owner...

It's tough having to be the bad guy everyday. I try to be the "nice" guy. It amazes me how I can ask someone to use a gun plug or ease up on the trigger only to have them look at me like I'm joking.

"Please put your safety on?"

"It is. Oh. Wait. Now it is."

"Please keep your mask on as we walk off the field."

"Why? The game is over."

"Please don't shoot down your gun in the safe area."

"It's not loaded."

Maybe a thump on the top of the head would help!

Power Paintball- Pro Level Instruction From Ollie Lang


Apr 6, 2009

Cyberspace paintball...

I'm not a big fan of online games but Dave over at David's Paintball says he's found a couple of good paintball games. Tell me what you think.

Shop at the new T2/Amazon Paintball Pro-Shop


Apr 5, 2009

Stick it to the man...

Mr. Man comes in to have his CO2 tanks filled. Mom with friend is standing at the gun display scratching her head. Before I can get to Mom Man says, "You can get better paintball deals on line." Meanwhile my daughter is at the CO2 fill station trying to get two out of three of Mr. Man's online tank purchases to stop leaking (his third one was out of date). Let's hear it for Mr. Man.


Great Amazon Books - The Complete Guide to Paintball, Fourth Edition


Apr 4, 2009

Maybe he needs a 21 inch barrel...

"Hey. This gun you sold my son doesn't shoot straight."

"What brand of paintballs is he shooting?"

"I don't know. Something I found on sale at Wallyworld."


Apr 3, 2009

Bandits don't always wear masks...

I warned folks a while back to be careful when buying CO2 tanks. You might think I would heed my own advice. A to good to be true deal on "refurbished" 12 ounce CO2 tanks came available from one of my trusted suppliers recently and I jumped on it. To me, refurbished means "like new". And they are. In fact they are brand new. The only problem is they only have a year and a couple of months left on the inspection date. I guess I can string them together and make wind chimes.


Apr 2, 2009

Paintball give away...

Paintball Sports Magazine's $10,000 give away!


Paintball yuks...

Radar Sensing Ramping Board

Most major paintball organizations have strict rules on how many balls per second your gun can shoot. PSP is 12.5bps and 10.5 bps, Millenium is down to 10.5bps. We all know that the guns we pour our money into can easily out shoot those tiny limits. Why not take back the advantage you deserve?

Announcing the Wolfpack Radar Sensing Ramp Board

I hate April 1....


Apr 1, 2009

Get the stink out of paintball...

Are you afraid to open your gear bag? Are your cleats trying to run off on their own? Is your mask a toxic waste zone? Are your knee pads being elbowed out by you... forget that one.

Here's a product mentioned on PopSci that might help. Hey, you bought a 1200 dollar gun. Why not this...


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"A billion-dollar company tried to steal my identity, and I was able to fight and regain my identity. That's why I'm on cloud nine; I fought the giant and I'm a success story against Activision." (Greg Hastings)

Yakity yak.... 3 shot rulz... take 3 shots at my field and take a break. what's the hurry? who ya tryin to impress? this aint no freak show! why waste paint? can't hit em with three? throw three more. can't hit em with them? go fishin~ (me, on Facebook)

Yes, I know Steve Davidson found the property that was the site of the first ever paintball game. No, I don't care. (Dale from the Ford Report)

"How is paintball like golf? Golf is played outdoors on nice, well kept grass or, if something goes horribly wrong, off in the woods. Same with paintball." (Baca Loco)

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