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Jun 29, 2007

I get suggestions...

Some I can't repeat here. Most are pretty good.

I haven't responded to the many notes I have found in the Suggestion Box in awhile, at least not publicly. Let me try to catch up.

I always find the "make paint free" or "why don't you use (insert the name of your favorite $1200 paintball marker) for rentals." To those folks all I can say is keep trying. And to the author of the barely legible "I hate this costly place" you have my sympathies. Some days I hate how much it cost to run this place, too!

"Let people play in their own groups." You can. Bring 12 or more by reservation and you get to play as a group and get a discount.

"Separate players into two groups. One normal, another can shoot as fast as they want." NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Besides, who would rather not be considered "normal"?

"Have Bunker Tag." NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Stay back 20 feet.

"Getting hit in the gun should be called out. It promotes blind shooting since you can just stick your gun out." Gun hits keep you out of play. Players stick their gun out because they are afraid of getting hit, not because they don't care if the gun gets hit. If one of my refs isn't jumping on blind shooters let me know.

"Attackers on the Fort Game and Badlands Game should be eliminated. Defenders don't get another chance." Maybe my ref didn't explain the games correctly. In the Fort Game defenders who get hit go to the Fort and continue playing. If they get hit in the Fort they join the attackers and continue playing until the game ends. In the Badlands defenders who get hit go to the rear bunker and continue to play even if they get hit there! Our goal is to give everyone as much playing time as possible.

"Every man for himself." I'm assuming you are suggesting this for a game. Try to imagine refing that game. Seriously. Try!!!

"Make coupons for VIP's." The T2 VIP (Very Important Player) program is a very popular item here. Play a minimum of once every three months and you are eligible. Each time you play you get either free paint, free snacks or bonus dollars that you can spend or save. Become a Silver or Gold member and get more. It's free to join. All you have to do is ask for a VIP card the next time you stop in.

"Plant some mines in every field." Only if you volunteer to set them up before and after every game. "Make more fields." I'll do that as soon as I learn how to survive on less than 5 hours of sleep at night. "Sell free guns." As soon as I start getting them free you will get them free. Besides, how do you sell something if it's free? "Give away grenades." I don't even sell them anymore. They seldom work because players don't take the time to SHAKE THEM enough. (And yes, all these suggestions were on the same sheet of paper.)

And yes, I apologize if some of these replys sound a bit snarky or sarcastic. I do enjoy suggestions and do my best to make your T2 experience a good one. The comments option is turned off but don't forget you can always email using the link in the sidebar.


Jun 27, 2007

It has something to do with paintball...

"I'm special. I'm important. Just like everyone else." **

Think about that for a moment. Read it again.

Let me repeat it.

"I'm special. I'm important. Just like everyone else."

Words are amazing things. Put them in a certain order and they can inspire, confuse, motivate, infuriate, empower, evoke love or hate...

It's late. Let's just file this under "random thoughts".

**slightly paraphrased, from a film I saw on the Documentary Channel titled "The Behavior of a Backpacker"


Jun 8, 2007

I'm not sure why this never occured to me.

When someone is confused about how to differ teammates from opponents I often (tongue in cheek) tell them, "If they are facing you shoot at them."

From now on I'm going to include, "and if their back is to you shoot over them."

Classic! Thanks to "The Whiteboard"


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