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Oct 23, 2007


Going to World Cup. Be back in about a week!



Oct 18, 2007


For years small field owners have tried to convince the industry that in order to sustain events like this one at Disney World in Orlando Florida...

they need to support small fields like T-Square Paintball and the ground floor, grass roots efforts of small field owners.

It's estimated that less than 3% of paintball players are concerned with tournament paintball yet the industry insists on pushing high rate of fire, electronic guns on recreational players.

Now, in an odd turn of events, the industry is trying to make players think they need realistic looking military style guns in order to fit in or be able to keep up with the BIG GAME/Scenario crowd.

No doubt there are small fields that cater to tournament players just as there are fields that aim at attracting the BG/Scenario "teams". But I do have a sense of doubt about the industry supporting the majority of fields that make a living by introducing 10 year old birthday players and church groups to paintball. There hasn't been a good, tough, solid marker come down the line in a long time, one I might consider as a replacement for my aging Piranha rentals.

While none of this rant is a concern to any of you I did think it might provide a good platform for presenting a couple of cool pictures.

What do you think?


Oct 15, 2007


Maybe you've heard the expression - "Pain is relative."

A world class, middle weight boxer dropped by the pro-shop a few days back. He's new to the sport of paintball. He plays backyard ball with some of his friends.

He was looking for pads.

"Paintball hurts!" he said.

I explained how backyard paintball guns are usually shooting hot and I provide free chrono service. I hope he comes back. My store manager got his autograph but I was to intimidated to ask!

Play safe.


Oct 11, 2007


Maybe I put to much emphasis on GETTING OFF THE FIELD IMMEDIATELY when hit; to much urgency. Every weekend I see players, down in a crouch, who get hit and then STAND UP to leave the field, exposing themselves to stray rounds and crossfire.

It's like I tell people. If you get hit while running off the field with your gun up and yelling "HIT" I can go yell at the person who hit you. If you're strolling along, with your gun down, whispering your opponents position to your friends and get hit it's your own dumb @ss fault.

Peace out!
(Bring the boys home.)


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