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Aug 26, 2006

Quick Quiz…

All else being equal which paintball will travel further - one traveling at 280 feet per second when it leaves an eight inch barrel or one traveling 280 feet per second from a twenty-one inch barrel? For bonus points tell me which one will be the most accurate!

I have two entries in the Paintball Shirt contest. Here's your chance to rip me off for a T-Shirt! You all know how often I GIVE stuff away!!

UPDATE: The results are in. I didn't have enough entries to make it official but I'm gonna go ahead and declare "Greenflea" the winner with "PAINTBALL - THE ORIGINAL X-GAME"! Look for his shirt in the Shirt store soon. Be sure to pick one up so Greenflea can make a few dollars and maybe get back into paintball!


Aug 24, 2006

Design a T-Shirt…

Win a Paintball T-Shirt that you design.

E-Mail me your best original paintball saying or phrase and if I judge your entry as the best I'll put it on a t-shirt and send it to you FREE! Words only - no art work except for your choice of the following logos:

"Crosshairs", "Bio-hazard symbol", "Bobbaskull" or No Logo.

The only rule I can think of at this time is KEEP IT CLEAN AND NON-OFFENSIVE! To sweeten the deal I'll put the winning entry in the Paintball T-Shirt Store and YOU will profit from each sale!

Contest will run through August or until I have TWELVE ENTRIES. So enter as soon as you can. One entry per person. Must have at least 6 entries, so tell your friends! Send your ideas to with "T-Shirt contest" subject line. Contest void where prohibited by law.

To the others that entered, thank you - keep your ideas handy. I'll probably do this again


Aug 23, 2006

Are scenario big games too big…?

This has been a summer of record breaking attendance in the paintball world of Scenarios and Big Games. Over 3700 players at the Oklahoma "D-Day" event and over 4000 at Skirmish USA in Pennsylvania. Many smaller Big Games all across the country are also showing an increase in attendance. These are "MUST" attend events for some players while others are not so sure (see the article in the Oct 06 APG titled "What Refs Shouldn't Be"). Here is a chance to sound off in a poll. What do you think about the extreme attendance?

Here are the results of our first T-Square Paintpoll.
Are scenario games too big?
Yes, too big! 36%
I think they are just right. 43%
No, make them bigger 21%
Don't care. 0%

Thanks to all of you who took the time to sound off.


Aug 9, 2006


A young man came into the Pro-Shop today with a bag containing 4 CO2 tanks that needed filling. When I reached into the bag to pull out the tanks I burned my fingers. That's how hot they were - I assume from being stored in a vehicle. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!


Aug 8, 2006

You can’t make this stuff up…

Screwdriver Loaded Into Paintball Gun Kills BoyPOSTED: 7:02 am MDT June 27, 2006UPDATED: 7:53 am MDT

June 28, 2006KFOX news El PasoJune 27, 2006 -- A 9-year-old Central El Paso boy has died after suffering serious injuries in a freak paintball gun accident.El Paso police responded late Monday to a house on Tularosa Street after reports that a paintball gun loaded with a screwdriver was fired at the young boy.

"It did strike him in the eye area. He did receive a very serious injury from it. He was in critical condition from last night, under went emergency eye treatment and he passed away this afternoon," said Javier Sambrano of the El Paso Police Department.Police said 9-year-old Matthew Holguin was playing in the backyard with his older cousins.

"The older cousins are all adults so he was in the back with them," Sambrano said.El Paso Police say 23-year-old Christen Sifuentes loaded the screwdriver into the gun and 21-year-old Filiberto Soto shot the gun at the boy.

Tuesday evening El Paso police arrested Sifuentes and Soto and charged them with injury to a child.One paintball gun owner says the screwdriver could have come out of the gun at 100-150 miles per hour, which is why he suggests anyone who plays with these high-pressure guns wear protective gear.

"Paintball masks are one of the biggest and most important tools and elements of the paintball game," said Ricky Navar, a paintball store owner.


Aug 5, 2006

Me and my big mouth…

Oh my God, I just got banned from the forum at (Paintball Nation). I wrote a satirical post making fun of people who make fun of people on the forum. I guess they just don't appreciate the true literary talent of the mean and grumpy field owner. They accused me of instigating a flame war. Geeessh!


Aug 4, 2006


Senior Killed In Crash After Teens Allegedly Shot Paintballs At Each Other Wednesday July 12, 2006 2:46pm Posted By: Kevin Kingaddendum:

The story is to long to post here but the gist is - after a fun day at a local Oklahoma paintball park a High School football team (about 40 people) headed home. On the way back, driving down the interstate, some players began fooling around shooting at each other. A van flipped over and one was killed and others hurt. As bad as the incident was I think the worst part was many of the football team witnessed the crash. No doubt that picture will be seared in the minds of the survivors for the rest of their lives.

Maybe the title of this post should read, "Why?"


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