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Feb 22, 2006

Just another day…

Can't seem to think of a "mean" or "grumpy" thing to mention regarding the last few weeks.

The ice storm shut us down (with payroll and end of month bills coming due) and straight line winds busted a couple of net poles and wrecked a couple of tarp shelters. Pipes froze, the tractor broke down and somehow a screw found it's way into the left rear tire of my truck. Caught a couple of kids in the parking lot shooting at (and hitting) a passing car. Another was caught busting his way through the sheetrock walls of our bathroom because he "thought" he had locked himself in. I let myself get all excited when I finally received a new and much needed high pressure fill station, only to find out the wrong one was sent. I sent it back and now it sets on my desk waiting for parts that might actually make it work.

And before anyone who has stumbled upon this site begins to think I'm whining (I'm well aware "things could always be worse") let me say - whining here is the point. It's my place to vent. The option to leave comments is turned off so you don't even get a chance to "Tisk!" Tisk!"

In the meantime I received a very warm and positive e-mail from a former T2 player (he has since moved away). It was filled with, "Now I know why you did this!" and "Now I know why you said that!" and it went on to validate many of my business philosophies and direction for T-Square Paintball. If only it had ended there. In the middle of the e-mail he suggested a modification to his marker that would have turned it into a BOMB and he wanted to know what I thought.

Now, I know he's not a trained airsmith and doesn't really know better. And I really was flattered that he would entrust the question to me (Lord knows I appreciated the rest of his e-mail) but, poor guy, he was the lucky dumb question number 567, lottery winner of the week and my response was rather short and, well... mean and grumpy!

For that I apologize, Jessie!


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