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Aug 30, 2008

Paintball Art?

The Mythbusters at work!


Aug 29, 2008

Who cares. (no question mark - it's rhetorical!)

I give up. It's been a rough week for paintball. First Killer Paintball selling Blood, Murder and Liquid Death paintballs and now a new paintball E-Mag (No, not a new gun from AGD) with the very original title "Welt."

I held out some hope but yes, it does include two pages of horrendous paintball welts. It smells allot like a Paintball 2Xtremes product, complete with fake boobs and enough punk to fill a skate park.

Let's end the week with a bad pun - anyone for shooting ourselves in the foot?


Aug 27, 2008


Looks like the Smart Parts ION has finally been phased out. There were so many made they will still be around for awhile, kinda like the VW Bug back in the 60's. Or maybe a better paintball comparison would be the Brass Eagle Stingray. They will never disappear.

You can special order the ION but you have to order 250 of them. Plan on laying out around $412,375. Good luck.


Aug 26, 2008

I wish it were a joke...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use common sense and DO NOT support this company or it's products:

Rich red shell with thick blood colored red fill Killer Paintballs™ Blood Series Paintballs are designed for the Killer in you. They are very accurate and they wont break in your gun.""


Aug 25, 2008


Mr Kaminski is way more forgiving then I could ever be!


For love of the game...

There are people who will not play paintball because they are afraid it will hurt.

Are YOU responsible for that?

Do you show your non-paintball friends your welts? Do you shoot your friends in the backyard with a marker shooting 360FPS? Do you show them your tournament DVD's without explaining rec-ball isn't near as brutal? Do you show off your $1200, 15 BPS marker without explaining T-Square doesn't allow that kind of fire power during rec-ball play?

If your first concern when you get to the field is how target rich the crowd is maybe you should re-examine your paintball motivations. If you are not helping new players you are hurting them. If you are not promoting the sport you are hurting paintball. If everyone is not having fun then everyone will lose in the end.

When was the last time you brought a new player to the field?
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Last year
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Aug 24, 2008

Play Ball...

Been watching bits and pieces of the Little League World Series (Hawaii takes on Mexico later today for the World Championship).

Can you cheat in Little League? You hear about juiced bats and juiced players in the major leagues. I can't imagine a 13 year old on steroids. I guess it must be an issue. I saw a couple of teams with a patch on their left shoulder that read "We Won't Cheat."

There's lots of cheating in paintball. Maybe there's more because there are more opportunities. Just off the top of my head I can think of a dozen ways to make a hit go away. When you are behind a bunker and out of site it's just you and your conscious.

I don't go on Little League forums, I'm sure there must be a few, so I don't know what gets discussed there. On paintball forums, one in particular, it amazes me how many times I see, "Everyone cheats. Get over it!" It's hard but I manage to keep reminding myself, "No, everyone does not cheat" and "No, not everyone thinks this way."

Which of these sports offer the most opportunities to cheat?
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Aug 18, 2008

Before and after...

I get mean AND lazy when it gets killer hot outside. The front entrance to the field has been looking really shabby (talk about bad first impressions) and I haven't had the strength to walk across the parking lot let alone drag a mower along. I didn't even have the heart to send the guys out there to work on it.

I can't seem to bring myself to put up a professional sign. It's not that I'm that cheap. Really. What it is, I think, is the hand painted sign is a hold out from the earlier T-Square days when it was only suppose to be a part time, spare cash business. At times I can't believe it has gotten so big. The sign takes me back to simpler times.


Aug 17, 2008


Just so you know - paintball isn't the only thing that makes me mean and grumpy.

An able bodied person jumping out of a car they just parked in a handicapped spot kinda frosts my butt. Someone who parks their cart in the middle of the shopping isle while chatting with friends doesn't exactly get my thumbs up, either.

I'm not into road rage or tantrums but when in traffic I can get a little riled when I merge out of a lane that is closing and others are speeding passed to merge ahead of me. Which reminds me, I had a car pass me a few days ago with a child standing up in the back seat. Made me want to track down the driver and yank a knot in her neck.

I had a girl friend who made me a bit grumpy once. No. Wait. That's not right. I had a girl friend once who made me a bit grumpy.

In general I'm a pretty happy guy. I like puppies and sunsets and every night I pray for world peace.

If only I could find a way to keep paintball netting from blowing down and fire ants from propagating all would be good.


Aug 15, 2008

Ring. Ring.

I can only handle and process one stream of input at one time. And even then I have a hard time keeping that train on it’s track. Maybe it’s AADD or maybe just a lazy stream of consciousness. Sure some babble just bores the heck out of me but I really do try to give my complete attention to every situation.

The type of call I just took I get about once a week. It’s Mom or Dad or someone, anyone, calling from work or the car or from home and there is someone in the background talking as loud or sometimes even louder than the person on the phone.

It must just be me because the person on the phone seems to have no trouble talking through the noise. For me both voices combine and turn into static and I can’t make out either one. I start blathering and become self conscious of that which adds to the frustration. Add road noise or a bad connection or make the second voice a screaming baby and there’s nothing short of a “ctrl/alt/del” that’s going to get my brain working right again.


Aug 13, 2008


I've lost my writing mojo lately so I hope a picture will do. It's not like there isn't enough going on. Some things are better left alone. Like the discussion going on over at PBN about whether the German swastika should be allowed at WWII paintball games. It embarrasses me to think such a conversation would be relevant to paintball. The whole idea of paintball "war games" creeps me out.

Before 9/11 the industry was afraid paintball was attracting the para-military crowd. After 9/11 there were those that were pretty sure terrorists were using paintball for training. Now with the military simulation trend there's concern we may be attracting skin heads and various "sympathizer" groups. I honestly can't think of another sport or hobby that has gone through so many different mood swings in such a short 20 year period.

Woodsball, CO2, quick changer, hyperball, red dots, speedball, BDU's, Big Games, uniforms, cheap guns, scenarios, expensive loaders, "tournament ready", ROF, ramping, cheater boards, rifled barrels, 2 packs, 12 packs, ... I've probably missed out on a lot of business by not chasing after one fad or another.

For me it's just paintball. A game. Fun.


Aug 3, 2008

Paintball. Paintball. Paintball.

Work continues on the new covered area and shooting range. Here's the first picture.


Aug 1, 2008

LOLOLOL...I do too have a sense of humor...LOLOLOL

“Player – A”, an Australian company is selling paintball t-shirts. They have slogans. One says “Yeah, I wipe hits”. One says simply “Cheat”. Another says “Just Wipe It” while another reads “I (heart) Shooting People”.

There has been quite a discussion about the shirts on PBN. As you might imagine some like the shirts and others don’t. To the people who don’t like the shirts the Aussies defend themselves with “Where’s your sense of humor?” and “Don’t you recognize sarcasm when you see it?”

I’m going to start my own t-shirt company. “Aussies Promote Paintball Cheating.” “Player – A Paintball Players Wipe.” “I (heart with a line through it) Player – A.”

What? No sense of humor?

Another company looking to make the quick bucks with no regard for the sport.


(There was a poll here but I had to delete it.
Seems the Aussies found it, started a voting
campaign and skewed the results in their favor.
Oh well!)


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