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Jul 31, 2010

Saturday Paintball Reruns

From July 31, 2008

Too hot to play

It's too hot to play paintball. Too hot to fish. It has even been too hot to write. Almost. I recently jumped into a subject that I'm sort of emotionally connected to. You can see it here (scroll down for my comments) if you're interested. It turned out to be a rather tame debate. Maybe it's too hot every where for any kind of heated discord.


Jul 30, 2010

Paintball Week in Review

(India) Team Khukwi wins Paintball Challenge

(Malaysia) Paintball season rocks Padang Merbok
               (Including teams from Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand)

War breaks out over paintball park
Why Female Paintballers Are A Good Thing

                Danielle Peterson

Empire Brings Paintball to Scouting 

Reusable M80 Landmine Released by Real Action Paintball
                RAP - please go away!

Paintball Water Pod Review
                Be careful - it's hot out there.

And finally this.

Why Paintball Continues To Grow — Smoking Marijuana for Health!
Who knew?

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Jul 28, 2010


Here's something I notice more and more lately when salesmen pitch me their new paintball products: "our new two piece design comes in one length to save on your inventory." There was a time, before the industry collapsed around its glutinous self, that suppliers couldn't come up with enough versions of a doodad to toss at us.

Customers expected you to stock every color, every length, every size, every bore, every pack, half finger AND full finger, every up, every gadget, every brand and every product regardless of whether they planned to purchase any of it.

Many pro-shop owners tried. Many died. Fads come and go. Today's color is tomorrows gag reflex. I still have a number of items sitting in the back that may never sell. I could always hold out and wait for the day when retro comes in vogue - bring out the purple drop forwards and spyder venturi bolts. I think I might even have a "black box" or two hidden away somewhere.

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Kingman Spyder Stuff


Jul 27, 2010

No paintballs in the pic-a-nick basket for you, BooBoo.

Paintballs : A New Bear Attractant?

I wonder if these guys are aware of this?

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Jul 20, 2010

Stay tuned...

There is a possibility that my field will soon be annexed by a town that does not allow the discharge of firearms, to include paintball guns. A battle is brewing.


Jul 16, 2010


Haven't had a follower to welcome in awhile. Where's the love?

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Paintball Week in Review...

Just a few things that caught my eye...

How To Start A Paintball Field Business | Field Methods

I quit reading after the first line.

Paintball & MilSim Look-a-Likes Causing Problems Worldwide

I've been bitching complaining about this for how long?

On a similar note:

Bomb found near sports park in Iowa

Pa. man who shot 2 with paintball gun is sought

He shot at people tubing on a river...what a jackass.


Jul 14, 2010

Paintball going green?

They never actually show how it breaks. Sure, a bazillion balls hitting the
castle wall will cover it pretty good. But what does a single break
look like? Anyone have some experience with this stuff?


Jul 11, 2010

Sunday Paintball Funnies...

I'm thinking about removing these from
my Facebook list of friends. I don't think
any of them really play paintball.


Jul 10, 2010

Saturday Paintball Reruns...

From May 31, 2008

Hey, he missed our sign!

Please slow down when you turn into our driveway. Thanks.


Jul 9, 2010

Paintball Week in Review

Justs a few items I made note of...

Chechnya's leader hails paintball attacks on women

Stanford man disputes women's allegations

Westmont police: Gunshots fired from paintball gun - Westmont, IL ...

Vendetta Paintball giving back to community | | The Journal News

Yukos, paintball and liposuction


Speak up...

Hey!  It's "Open Mike Friday!"  Drop a NON PAINTBALL comment on anything that might be on your mind. Keep it G or PG rated and work place friendly. I have a sharp censor pencil so don't expect anything else to get through.


Jul 8, 2010

Nothing paintball here...

This is just to cool not to share...


Ummm...I don't think so!

Some crazy asking prices on EBay:

M18A1 Claymore Mine (Airsoft or Paint)

Angel Paintball Sports A-Ball A Ball Reusable 2000 Case
A case? Or a skid?

HUGE Lot of Spyder / Stingray Paintball guns gear
Plus $55 for shipping?

The gun retails for $99

RAP4 t68 para m249 saw marker full auto reduced again


Jul 5, 2010

Paintball surrounded by life...

At last count I have over 600 bookmarks - 250 are paintball - and nearly 50 feeds to my Google reader account. I can sit four hours, totally immersed in and absorbed by the endless amount of information available. AADD is a bitch. One item leads to another and then another. I can start out wanting to find a link to Tippmann stocks, get distracted by the results of a NASCAR race and then end up three hours later learning how to make a welder out of an old microwave.
I need to get my priorities in order. Eat, sleep, love, work, play, internet. Oh, and some fishing, too.


Jul 4, 2010

Paintball 4th of July

Hope yours is a safe and happy one.


Jul 2, 2010

Paintball Week in Review...

Just a few of the stories that caught my attention...

Missouri begins cleaning, instead of replacing, road signs targeted by ...

How to Deal with Police Officers When Playing Outlaw Paintball

Another Free Online Paintball Magazine

Namibian team leaves mark in SA

Yukos, paintball and liposuction

Read more... trailer

Coming soon...


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