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Mar 31, 2009

Kingman Training. For what?

Kingman has a new product coming out soon. Maybe you have seen the "Eraser" and/or the "Chaser." They are pistols that fire 11mm paintballs (for comparison a 68 caliber paintball is 17mm). I'm not going to bother showing pics of the guns - they are all over the net in other places.

I received some of Kingman's sales material - dealer pricing and details and such. I'm not going to mention any of that here either. What I am going to do is bring up a question.

The entire program is built around the "Kingman Training" logo. Since they are very realistic handguns I have to wonder who they are meant to be marketed to? Cops maybe? Military personnel? Wanna be gangsters or hold up men? Kids playing cops and robbers in
the back yard?

The glossy video game looking sales catalog leaves me scratching my head as do the words from Kingman founder Arthur Chang on the inside cover - "Feel the adrenaline as you enjoy this new product in easily accessible environments from the backyard to a warehouse... all while increasing your tactical shooting skills."

The Backyard? A warehouse? No mention of a legitimate paintball field. Tactical shooting skills? Again I ask, Who is suppose to benefit from this product?

And tell me something. Is that a woman shooting at a policeman?

Somebody explain to me what the hell is going on at Kingman!


Mar 30, 2009

An oring is an oring is an oring...

But not always.

Orings are the cause for many of the gun problems I see. You might think it's leaky orings but actually many gun problems are due to the wrong orings. The hammer, or as some call it, the striker, in many stacked tube blow back guns (Spyders, Piranhas, Brass Eagle, etc.) takes an oring that is the same physical size as a tank oring. A tank oring will work for a while, making the gun owner think he has fixed the gun, but it won't work forever.

The actual hammer oring is soft, something to do with durometer, in order to provide a proper seal against the blow back pressure that recocks the marker. Paintball guns are really pretty simple. My Dad would joke about always having a few left over bits and parts after working on the car. It doesn't work that way on a paintball gun. Every piece is necessary. Each piece is required. And every oring has it's place.

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Mar 29, 2009

Paintball past...

We all know about semi-auto paintball guns. Many know about pumps. But how many know about the bolt action K2? Here is another great piece of paintball history from the folks over at Vintage Rex.


Mar 28, 2009

Paintball toys...

We managed to dodge a bullet here in Arkansas. As a result of an Arkansas law officer shooting and killing a youngster who was brandishing what appeared to be a pistol legislation is about to pass that will make the sale of "realistic" looking toy guns illegal. Exempt from this ruling will be guns with an orange tipped barrel, BB guns and paint(ball) guns.

I'm betting none of the legislators have seen a Urban Entry M4 Carbine Paintball gun. It's just a matter of time.


Mar 27, 2009

Paintball and NASCAR and Putt Putt...

You need to become a better shooter before you think you need a "better" gun.

There, I got that off my chest. It's sad to see a Spyder or Tippmann player lay out nearly a grand for a new gun thinking it's going to make them a paintball marksman, or worse yet, a tournament player. I just want to take them out back and beat 'em with a twenty one inch barrel.

Jumping from the family sedan and into a stock car doesn't make you a NASCAR driver. Going from the Putt Putt course to eighteen holes doesn't make you Tiger Woods. And putting a net up in the backyard and charging your friends a field fee doesn't make you a field owner.


Mar 26, 2009


After this rant I guess I kinda owe Kingman and Tippmann a big paintball apology. The last batch of Tippmann ratchets I received appear to be a different (tougher?) material while the new Kingman Xtra actually has more common threads than usual. I would like to think it's all due to my grumbling but I'm just grumpy - not narcissistic. Any way, thank you Kingman and Tippmann. Now just get your grip frames to stay attached to the body and make a finish that doesn't chip and fade and we will be square!


Mar 25, 2009

Paintball scribbling...

I can't seem to find much paintball to write about this week. Hot on the heals of the NPPL crash it is reported (whispered) that the PSP is in debt. Baca Loco won't let the "paintball needs to be fixed" discussion die. The Woodsballer confirms that indoor paintball ain't all that grand and there hasn't been much Life Behind the Lenses. It's even quiet over at Paintball Gossip. T-Square is open this week for spring break so I'm sure something will pop up that's worth writing about.

When I first started blogging about paintball there was maybe one or two other paintball blogs out there. Now there's quite a few. Every time some dramatic news erupts two or three new paintball blogs will pop up and last just about as long as the news. When ever someone does somebody else wrong somebody will write a paintball blog, exchange obscenities with the someone in question and in the wake of all the puffery they will leave behind a couple of dormant blogs. I try to keep track of the more active blogs and forums and sites over at The Best of Everything Paintball but it is truly a loosing battle as one blog or site or another runs out of steam and grinds to a halt.

If you have any desire to write do yourself a favor and not bother writing about paintball. Especially if you are still able to go play. Write about golf or bowling or scuba diving. Leave paintball to us lost and beaten soles. Go play. Live the news and stories.


Mar 24, 2009

Read my mind...

Things I want to say or wanted to say or would have said.

"Can I have more bullets?"

What I said; "Sure." What I wanted to say; "They're paintballs, Rambo."

"I bought it on the internet. Can you fix it?"

What I said; "Sure." What I wanted to say; "Get it fixed on the internet."

"Do you sell paintballs?"

What I said; "Sure." What I wanted to say; "No this is a surf board shop."

"Are you sure I turn right at the light?"

What I said; "Yes, ma'am." What I wanted to say; "No. You should probably make a U-turn."

"I can get paint cheaper at Wally-world."

What I said; You get what you pay for." What I wanted to say; "Go play in their parking lot."

"This sport is to expensive.

"What I said; "Yes, I wish I could make the field fee cheaper." What I wanted to say; "Get a pump gun."

I guess it's good that I'm not always in a grumpy mood.

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Mar 23, 2009

Paintball ramblings...

People are getting tired of all the negative economic news. At the same time many of us in the paintball industry are growing weary of the upheaval and turmoil. The standard comment I have been leaving on the blogs and forums and web sites has been, "The strong will survive."

While it's true the strong will survive it doesn't necessarily mean smooth sailing ahead. Like allot of things the paintball world is driven by fads and trends. Those that are growing fat off the current mil-sim craze will crash and burn under the weight of the growing liberal, anti assault sentiment that is creeping across the land.

Fortunately for paintball the real "strong" will survive and survive and survive. And they will do it on their own without sponsorship or corporate recognition and without selling out to the latest fad. Small fields all across the country who cater to the birthday parties and church groups and family outings will lumber along in the face of rate-of-fire and combat simulations and continue to provide fun, family entertainment.

The tournament world got top heavy and crashed. The same will happen to mil-sim. Nothing stands without a firm base for support. As long as there is enough of us out here who do it 'cause we love to see kids smile and parents become kids again the game of paintball will survive.


Mar 22, 2009

Paintball gun economics...

Direct from Planet Eclipes website : " We put so much time and effort into creating the EGO9, SL94 and then perfecting and refining the GEO platform that we simply ran out of time to be able to create the GEO SL91 this year."

Ran out of time? Or did the economy finally catch up to them. Considering their "lower end" model, EGO9/SL94, retails for $1795 (yes, that's one thousand, seven hundred and ninety five dollars) maybe now is not a good time to bring one out with an even higher price tag.

People look at me like I'm stupid when I tell them a $1795 EGO9 is no more accurate, and hits no harder and shoots no further than an $85 Piranha. When ever a gun of that caliber shows up at my field I can only shake my head. Another Indy car at my go-kart track!


Mar 21, 2009

Paintball pistols

Here's a paintball chat concerning the Tiberious T8 vs the yet to be released Tippmann TPX pistol. The TPX's release date of April 1 makes me wonder if Tippmann's just taking us for a ride. With an 8 round clip and an asking price of just over $200 for the TPX I can think of a dozen ways to get more bang for the buck. Extra mags will go for around $25!


Mar 20, 2009

Paintball MD...

This has to be just a little funny. Nearly every paintballer on Twitter has this popping up in their Twitter list. BruiseMD - accelerates healing, alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, and decreases skin discoloration. As far as I can tell it's an actual product. Who knew?


Mar 19, 2009

Paintball polls


Mar 18, 2009

The Girls of Paintball - Kelli

The Girls of Paintball have allot of good things to say about this male dominated sport. If you missed it you might want to go back and check out what Audrey Eckroth, Alicia Turner and the SCV Girls had to say. This time up it's Kelli, 22, who works and plays out at "Profesor Lumpys" in Ohio when she's not snow boarding in California.

How did you get involved in paintball?

A few friends took me to a local field for a birthday party, after that I was hooked!

Do you still play tournament ball?

Yes when I have the time and money. Its not easy going to college and playing paintball.

What position do you like to play?

I love the snake but I actually play where ever I'm needed.

I hear you do more than play paintball.

Actually I work at "Professor Lumpys" in Ohio. It's Blackcat Paintball's main field. We're always trying to get more people to our scenario games there. Blackcatpaintball. com, check it out if u wanna. We have a 5man scenario challenge coming up this year and will be adding more games to our events list with a different type of scenario format. It's kinda cool, I think it's posted up in our forums on the website.

Where is your favorite field (other than Lumpys)?

For x-ball its All American Paintball Park in Greensburgh Pa. For Scenario games it is Professor Lumpys in Smithfield Ohio.
Do you plan to play in any tournaments or scenarios this year?

I bring my Scenario Team to most of the Blackcat Paintball Scenarios in my area. The one I am most looking forward to is the 48hr game in Ohio this year. As for tournaments I will probably end up having to ref the ones at our local field.

Is there anything you might want to say to young women thinking about playing paintball?

There are always gonna be those males out there that think women should not play, but the amount of males that treat you as an equal should
out weight them. You can still be your girly self and be treated just as another player. My guys see me as just another team mate.

What question would you ask the next person I interview?

Do you think more women have joined the sport since you started playing and how has the field you play at changed with the number of women? Hope this is ok.

Better than ok, Kelli. Thanks.

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Mar 17, 2009

Say WHAT?...

Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of this page from time to time and check out "Oh no you didn't just say that!" Fun stuff.


Safety on. Safety off...

Don't ever under estimate the power of adrenaline.

I've been testing the MR1 as a possible replacement for my aging Piranha fleet and it seems the safety is failing. It took me a bit to figure it out. It's the same safety design the old Piranha has but the MR1 has a double trigger. As a result, when someone tries to shoot the MR1 while the safety is on the next adrenaline packed attempt bends the safety shaft.

I didn't have trouble with the old metal Piranha trigger because it's a single trigger and players can't get as much leverage on it. The new Piranha has a plastic double trigger. When a player puts a gorilla grip on it there is so much flex built in that the problem doesn't exist.

So now I'm testing the new XTRA. Problem is, it has the same trigger/safety set up as the MR1. I guess I need to stock up on safeties.

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Mar 16, 2009

Tippmann A5 Recall..

Just a reminder (for my local
customers). I will have some
replacement caps soon. Free.


Paintball and popcorn...


Check it out at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC - April 22 thru May 3

Directed by Daniel Benmayor, written by Mario Schoendorff
World Premiere, Narrative

Eight strangers convene in a remote forest for an expensive experts-only paintball retreat. They enter the game at full throttle, but already something’s not right. The rules have changed and more is at stake than they expected. This frenetic thriller is akin to a live-action videogame, but getting to Level 10 doesn't seem to guarantee anything. In English.

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Mar 15, 2009

For which paintball marker?

Every time someone comes in wanting orings for their marker this forum post comes to mind.


Mar 14, 2009

I get suggestions...

"Let people play with their own paint." I get this one every week. This player probably doesn't know why theater popcorn costs $5 a bucket either. I doubt I could explain.

"Let people use their own paintball gun even if they don't have a safety if they know how to use it." I have no idea how to answer this one, either. It leaves me speechless. So I'm going to put it up in the form of a poll. It's "yes" or "no". You get it or you don't. (Let's ignore the fact that for insurance reasons every gun must have a working safety.)

Should I let a player ("who knows how to use one") use a gun without a safety?
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Mar 13, 2009


Here's a story that set off an odd bunch of convoluted thoughts in my mind:

Assassin game among Chambersburg Area Senior High School students draws criticism

At one point in the article the principal of the school suggests maybe the participants of this game should play "arena games instead, such as paintball."

It leads me to wonder what this same principal might have said if the student was caught roaming the community with RAP4's? Would it have been something like, "They should have used water guns."

Is the story really about guns? Most residents seemed more concerned with the suspicious looking attire. Or is it just about the inappropriateness of the entire situation?

How would this story have played out if the cops who responded had shot the student dead?

And how about the entrepreneurial initiative of the game's organizers? Should it be applauded or provided a little direction?

Just wondering.


Mar 12, 2009

Man the paintball lifeboats...

SGMA: Sporting Goods Sales Down 3.2% in 2008

While sporting goods sales was down in general paintball sales were down by 20%.

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Something different?

T2/Amazon Web Store


Paintball Mona Lisa...

I think you'll agree this is worth another look. I think.


Mar 11, 2009


From: Tippmann Sports Sales & Service

Subject: A-5® paintball marker end cap assemblies

Tippmann Sports is issuing a voluntary recall of certain end cap assemblies on selected Tippmann® A-5® paintball markers. The markers affected by this recall have serial numbers between 0409301 and 0422200, and were sold by Tippmann Sports to dealers and distributors between May 23, 2008 and September 24, 2008. Tippmann Sports has determined that some of these end cap assemblies may present a safety issue under certain conditions because there is a potential for the end cap assembly to break and/or eject. As a result, Tippmann Sports is recalling and replacing all affected end cap assemblies from the marketplace.

Consumers with A-5 markers with these serial numbers should stop using them immediately.

Consumers should contact Tippmann Sports at (866) 841-3029 (260-749-6022, extension 3149 from outside the United States), go to or send email to to obtain a free repair kit. This kit will include a new end cap assembly. Please have the serial number of the product available.


Late news

Maybe next year!?


To my military paintball friends...

I spent just over 22 years in the military. I'm proud of my service and enjoyed my time working and traveling all over the world. I feel fortunate to have been able to serve. So personally, I don't believe I'm owed anything except my pension and a long, quiet retirement. As a result I'm at a loss for words or a quick explanation when I'm asked, "Do you give a Military Discount?"

I don't ask for special military compensation when I shop. I don't offer special rates for military here at the field. I wouldn't mind offering one. The only problem is my prices are so low that any more discount would mean a loss. My best answer is, "Everyone gets a discount. It's built right into the price." I guess that might sound condescending. Or worse, maybe even a bit unpatriotic.

I support our (my) troops. I support the Commander-in-Chief. I also support a family and employees. I hope you understand.

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Paintball e-mail...

If you are going to e-mail me you have to put something paintball related in the subject. Sorry. It's the times we live in.


Mar 10, 2009

Paintball Pumpin'

Just for Pumpers. (Not so sure about the Adult Content sign in!) Proceed with caution!

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Cool Bunkers #5...

Here is another in my "Great Bunker" series. Sometimes a bunker can be more than just a bunker. It can be "thing". Bunkers can be buildings or aircraft or castles. In this case the bunker is a tank. Nothing exotic. It doesn't move or shoot nerf rockets. It's just a tank.

Which leads me to a thought I've been formulating for a couple of months. My Spool Field is in bad need of repair or replacement. I've been waiting on that moment of inspiration that has lead to the beginning of many of the projects here at T-Square. Recently it occurred to me that it might be cool to have two opposing tank forces, maybe 10 or 15 on a side, face to face, prepared for battle.

What do you think? (More cool bunkers - Bunkers #1, #2, #3, #4.)

A tank field?
Sounds cool.
Sounds goofy.
What ever!
free polls

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Mar 9, 2009

OMG...will it never end!

Another "rifled barrel."

(Quote from RAP4) "This is how the barrel works: the inside of the RAP4 Recon Rifled Barrel (the bore) consists of many fine cuts that extend for the full length of the barrel. These cuts look like 10 sets of tiny train tracks. The track portion is called the “land”. The portion that is cut away is called the “groove”. The purpose of the land and groove pattern is to “glide and guide” the paintball down the bore, as well as provide a “spin-free projection” to stabilize the paintball in flight."

Glide and guide????????? RAP4 - you are already a joke. You just jumped the shark!

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How much??

U.S. attorney charges Souderton man in paintball swindle


Paintball pistol buzz...

Awhile back (here and here) I mentioned Tippmann's new pistol. I guess details are finally out at their website.

I'm still having a hard time being impressed.

Due out in mid April. Don't hold your breath.


Mar 8, 2009

Who gets the pork and who gets the beans...?

The economic doom and gloom people are starting to get on my nerves. Still, times are tough and many of us are having to cut back on certain things. I eat out a little less and don't go to the river to fish near as much. Premium TV channels are not as important anymore. Nor is call waiting on the phone.

Yet, while most of us tighten our belts and micro-manage our money the government just keeps on rolling along.

$188,000 just went to the Lobster Institute. The group’s website says, "The LOBSTER INSTITUTE is a cooperative program of research and education with the lobster industry at the University of Maine." One of their big projects is the development of lobster dog biscuits.

Hawaii recently picked up $10,000,000 for the National Defense Center of Excellence for Research in Ocean Sciences and $2,000,000 for Brown Tree Snakes. I'm pretty sure Hawaii has no snakes.

The National Drug Intelligence Center picked up a cool $23,000,000 even though the Department of Justice has repeatedly asked Congress to shut them down because its operations are a duplication of the DOJ's efforts.

Four Presidential Libraries have $19,942,000 for improvements.

$7,556,660 has been earmarked for grape and wine research.

And the hits just keep on coming. Citizens Against Government Waste 1-800-BE ANGRY



Mar 7, 2009

Paintball in Iran...

The Ironmen have taken first place at the Golden Palm tournament that was held in the Olympic stadium on the Iranian island of Kish


Mean and Grumpy to the 10th power...!

So, I get this e-mail requesting information about the field. "What does paint cost? How much is the field fee? What are your hours?", etc. I get about a dozen of these a week. Not a bunch. But enough where I really don't have time to respond to each with a personal response. So I send them a quick "Thank you for your interest!" note and the field web page address.

Along with the typical questions, this last e-mail included, "I went to your web page but got lost."

Okay, so maybe I was tired, perhaps even a bit cranky. I should have taken the time to answer his questions directly. Instead I replied with, "If you got lost on the web site I can't see there being much hope for me explaining anything....try again! T-Square".

Well, hell's bells, I might as well have gone out back and kicked the cat!

This is what I got back (cleaned up version (the language, not the grammar or spelling))..."%uck you &itch, #uckin answer the simple questions i had like how much is paint and what are you hours thats a good way to get people to play out there eat $hit and die stupid #itch."

And, yeah, I should have let it go. But nooooo! I quick typed and entered, "Well, you're certainly not someone I want playing here. thanks for clearing that up for me."

And I honestly thought that would be the end of it. Again. nooooo! This morning I check my e-mail to find, "%igger im going to come to your field and ull never know who i am stupid #itch".

Which caused me to reply, "As long as you behave yourself and follow the safety rules I don't care who you are......." (Which isn't really true since I certainly do care)

To wrap this story up I checked my e-mail this evening and found, "alright then sry i was a dick i just wanted to know ur paint prices and compressed air prices?"

I wish I could tell you I make this stuff up!! My first thought was to send him the website link again. Instead I deleted his e-mail. I'm mean and grumpy and silly like that at times.


Paintball and bird houses...

I like to build bird houses. Nothing elaborate. A few scraps of board, some brads and a small hole in the front.

Not everything is paintball. But as you can see, paintball tends to find its way into just about everything I do. A 68/4500 tank from KEE. An on/off and regulator from Custom Products, a couple of gauges, an ASA and a few odds and ends from a couple of old guns and a quick trip to Lowes and I'm good to go.

I think the birds like it.


Paintball's finest...

I really had to think hard about whether or not to bring this up. It's being debated on all the major forums. Sometimes it's easier to just ignore crap like this and hope it just goes away. Pointing it out is like giving it free publicity and you know what they say about "any publicity (even bad) is good publicity."

I took this company to task awhile back, here and here. The names of their Killer Paintball brands include Blood, Murder and Death.

This ad appears in Facefull Magazine - always on the leading edge of raw and controversy.

Maybe you have something to say to Facefull about this ad. Try

I'm sick of this company.

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Mar 6, 2009

Paintball gun for sale - CHEEP! [sic]

I haven't been on EBay in awhile. I'm still protesting the ridiculous changes they made to the buyer/seller feedback process. When I do take a look it's mainly for entertainment purposes. Here are some of the reasons given by sellers for why they have to part with their beloved paintball gear:

"Sons not responsible enough need to sell"
(The gun? Or your kid?)

"selling because i dont have time to use it and decided to make some money"
(Bought it on EBay for $100 and is hoping to double his money!)

"selling beacause i didnt really want it and i don't play anymore"
(Probably a gift from his wife in an attempt to get his butt off the couch!)

"Im am sellin this gun for one reason because i got a different one"
(Doesn't need a buddy gun cause he's got no buddies!)

"I have used it only a couple times which is why I am selling it"
(I took it apart and lost some pieces.)

"I bought this new to scare the squirrels and racoons away from my bird feeder, I gave up on that, it's a losing battle"
(For some real fun buy them paintguns and run a few one on four drills.)

Have you ever bought a paintball item on EBay?
Yeah. Good deal!
Yes. And I don't want to talk about it.
Don't care for it.
May consider it in the future.
free polls

Have you ever sold a paintball item on EBay?
Yeah. Made a fortune.
Broke even.
Yes. Don't want to talk about it!
No. Don't have an account.
free polls

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Mar 5, 2009

The Girls of Paintball - The SCV Girls...

Here is another in a series of interviews I've been doing with the "Ladies" of paintball. Awhile back I had Audrey Eckroth tell me about playing with the Femmes Fatale and before that it was Alicia Turner (London Notorious) from across the pond. Now it's a group of gals that call themselves the SCV Girls. The chat centered around what it was like working at one of the largest paintball fields in the world - SC Village.

The basic question first – How did you each get involved with SC Village?

Most of us got started at SCV because our friends worked there, we all knew someone working or playing there prior to our working there.

Describe some of the different jobs you are all involved in.

Our jobs include working the ticket booths selling admissions and rentals, pro-shop selling paintball products, the PA station where we make all of the calls for the players to get to the fields, and the rental building where we rent out our equipment.

What’s the best thing about working at SC Village?

Best thing about working at SC is the atmosphere, its positive and friendly, the customers are fun and so are the employees that work there, we try to have fun with our job.

What’s the toughest thing?

When its busy, as you know we reach large numbers of customers, and it can get pretty hectic around there getting everyone what they need.

Do any of you get a chance to play?

The ones that choose too definitely! lol We've all tried at least once.

What would you say to girls who might be thinking about playing paintball or working at a field?

Its a really fun sport, upbeat and energetic, I recommend getting started by playing the sport, you'll have a blast!

And what would you like me to ask the next person I interview?

Not sure, these were great, thanks!

So, playing or working. Come on out gals and give paintball a try!

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Mar 4, 2009

Paintball and Big Business...

Here's a neat little headline from The Motley Fool:

K2 - Paintball Causes Downfall

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Mar 3, 2009

Paintball loaders...curses...!

TechPB is testing over 18 different loaders this evening.

I don't know why it takes so many f-bombs to test loaders. TechPB could really be something special if they would clean up their childish attempts at being cool.

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New Camo Rotor...

What do you think?

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Quotable quotes...

This is perfect:

DXS Paintball: In Paintball you only need 2 balls per person, the second is just an exclamation point.

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Another paintball apple...

My paintball and teacher story prompted someone to send in another. This one is penned by Jackie McElaney of the Paly Voice - a journalism project of Palo Alto High School in California.

A Passion for Paintball

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Mar 2, 2009

Paintball - innocense lost?

Once you weed your way through all the verbosity of Baca Loco's blog post over at 68Caliber you will find a thought that I have been pressing for a couple of years now. Stop the insanity. Our game is under attack.

Paintball!: Strategies & Tactics


What's in a name?

As some of you know I'm pretty vocal about what I believe are some pretty dumb paintball team names. Manufacturers and suppliers that promote Hate and Stupidity are high on that dumb list, also.

Here in Little Rock there is a very active Kickball following with their own organization and league. Here is a short list of names of some of the 94 teams:

Ace of 2nd Base,
Drunken Roosters,
The Siemens Lil'Squirts (Siemens is an electronic and electrical engineering company.),
Puttin Pitches in their Place (I didn't realize rolling the ball to the plate is considered a pitch.),
Sonz of Pitches,
TKB (Totally Kickin' Balls),
Booze on First,
Balls and Dolls,

and my favorite,

Poo Chicka Wah Wah.

I give up!

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Mar 1, 2009

Eggs and paintballs...

I was sitting in a waiting room a few days ago and happened on a magazine about aerobatic flying. I've seen planes doing loops and rolls at the airshows and know about the Red Bull sponsored racers but I wasn't aware that aerobatic fliers gather and compete against other fliers. Even more to my surprise was learning there is an avid group of fliers that fly aerobatics just for the fun of it.

While a perfect loop flown in a competition is as close to a circle as possible the sports fliers prefer what the pro's call "an ugly egg shaped" loop. The egg puts less stress on the air frame and on the pilot. Sports fliers figure the egg is just as much fun as the loop.

There was an editorial in the magazine aimed at members of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) asking them to show more support for the egg fliers. Seems the IAC has been more concerned with competitions and international exposure and has seen a drop in its membership. The editorial went on to remind members that the egg fliers are, after all, "the future of the IAC."

Replace IAC with PSP and replace egg fliers with recball players and you might get why the editorial caught my attention.

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OH NO, you didn't just say THAT!

"A billion-dollar company tried to steal my identity, and I was able to fight and regain my identity. That's why I'm on cloud nine; I fought the giant and I'm a success story against Activision." (Greg Hastings)

Yakity yak.... 3 shot rulz... take 3 shots at my field and take a break. what's the hurry? who ya tryin to impress? this aint no freak show! why waste paint? can't hit em with three? throw three more. can't hit em with them? go fishin~ (me, on Facebook)

Yes, I know Steve Davidson found the property that was the site of the first ever paintball game. No, I don't care. (Dale from the Ford Report)

"How is paintball like golf? Golf is played outdoors on nice, well kept grass or, if something goes horribly wrong, off in the woods. Same with paintball." (Baca Loco)

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