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Feb 28, 2010

Sunday Paintball Funnies...

Be careful practicing that snap shooting.


Feb 27, 2010

Saturday Paintball Reruns...

From December 12, 2008


I have one of those fields that still offer 100 round bags of paintballs. At many fields you're only choice is a bag of 500 since that's how they come from the manufacturer. Once a week here at T-Square one of us sits and uses a 100 round cup to dip into the 500 round bags and pour 100 paintballs into a baggie. Over and over and over again. It's a bit monotonous but it's a chance to sit back, maybe watch some TV, and just enjoy the day.

Every now and again some wise guy will take their bag and ask if there is really 100 paintballs in the bag. Normally my response is, "Well you just sit there and count them and if you're short I'll give you free paintballs." Usually it ends there.

This past weekend someone took me up on the counting.

"There's not 100 paintballs in that bag."

"Well you just sit there and count them.  If you're short I'll give you free paintballs."

And danged if he didn't. Right there in front of me.

When he got to 100 and still had around 8 balls left in the bag he went off and disappeared into the crowd.

Seems like I have been giving away free paint all along. Eight balls at a time!


Feb 26, 2010

That's SIR Mucky Muck to you, soldier...

Over at 68Caliber there is a mention of the rumor (true) that scenario play will no longer be allowed at the Camp Blanding MOUT Site in Jacksonville, Florida. What importance is this to me, a field owner who hardly gives scenarios a second notice (unless it's to grumble about scenario "TEAMS")?

The post lays the onus on the Military while mainly in defense of the event promoters. I have to take issue.

To say promoters are not a part of the consequences is like implying drug dealers have no part in the problems caused by their buyers. No matter how good the intentions and no matter how much prep work and post tidying up the promoters provide the fact is: supplying a nirvana playing field to a crazed, addicted group of ballers, who, let's face the truth, care nothing about the attitude and mess they leave behind, hardly lets them off the hook for the outcome.

The Military doesn't need ballers on their property just like I don't need tournament players at my field. There is to much downside. To much work. To much stress. From time to time you have to put up with a visit from the in-laws. Scenario and tournament players - not so much.

In a perfect world everyone would show up at Camp Blanding smiling and everyone would leave smiling. But in reality, if not having a MOUT event or a tournament meant not having to deal with the fuss and bother, the Military and I will go with not having the event at all. Personally, I have all I can handle keeping my rec-ball players happy.

If you want to think the "base high-mucky-mucks" pulled the plug on the event because of "scheduling" conflicts that's all fine and dandy. I, a 23 year vet, am going to go with the "who needs a bunch of whiny ass, unappreciative, demanding, slovenly, wannabe special ops, juveniles hanging around when we don't need them here in the first place."

I'm just saying.


Feb 25, 2010

Check the Blue Book...

4 used Spyders                      $150

16 inch sniping barrel             $15

2  20 oz CO2 tanks                 $24 (If they don't have expired test dates)

2  16 oz CO2 tanks                 $22 (If they don't have expired test dates)

1 12 ox CO2 tank                   $20 (If they don't have expired test dates)

3 masks                                 $30

$500 starting bid on EBay (plus $50 shipping)       Priceless!


Feb 24, 2010

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery...

Paintball Encapsulating machine for sale.



"Hey, we're coming to play and I took the exit like the instructions said but now I'm way out in the woods and still going."

"Did you pass the horse stable yet?"

"Yeah, I saw that. I'm really getting out in the boonies. Can you give me a landmark that you are near? Like a McDonalds or a Wal-Mart or something?"

"Ummm, Sir."


"We play paintball in the woods."

Yeah...Oh... So I should keep driving?

"Yes, Sir."


Feb 23, 2010

1 + 1 + 1 + ...

I'm starting to get more calls that start out with, "How many players are out there?"

It's a sign of the times, of course. Paintball is in a decline and the weather has been crappy. Players want to be assured there will be plenty of players to join in with. (If that makes you think "target rich environment" I prefer you stay at home.)

Problem is, if you call and ask, what do I say?

If there is no one playing do I say things are slow?  And if the next person calls with the same question with three buddies wanting to play do I say things are slow? And if later a couple of players come in and see that things are slow do I tell them to go home? There might be a group of players just hitting the exit and heading this way.

Before I know it I've turned off a dozen players.

Grab a friend and head out to your local field and play. It might turn out to be a 1 on 1 but it's a start. Who knows who might trickle in and join in.

Paintball will come back.  We have to start some where.

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Feb 22, 2010


Thanks for the follow, Kine. We all hope you will jump in with a comment or two. C'mon the rest of you. Follow, subscribe, comment - get involved. It's our game. (13 Feet! Come back!)


Great paintball forum question of the day...

"I just bought a (insert gun name here). It will arrive FedEx any day. Is it a good gun?"

I'm at a loss for words. Anyone care to provide a reply in the comments?


Feb 21, 2010

There is still hope for Olympic Paintball... sorta...

Top Ten rejected Winter Olympic sports and projected gold medalists

2. Paintball speedskating biathalon - Each four-man team consists of three “hunters” and a “decoy”. The decoy’s uniform features a prominent target on the back between the shoulder blades. After the decoy is allowed a 10-second head start, the hunters begin pursuit. Points are awarded to the team that registers the most target hits in a three-lap race. Projected gold medalist: Italy.

See the rest here...!


Feb 20, 2010

Saturday Paintball Reruns...

From December 13, 2008

Some of our more interesting repairs...

The classic gun repair is the two minute cleaning. I'm handed a gun that a player thinks is a worthless piece of dog poo, squeegee out the goopy Wallyworld paint, oil it and hand it back working. The player looks at me like I just turned chicken nuggets into gold.

I've had this conversation many times; "No. Tanks you buy at Wallyworld do not come filled. That's why it doesn't work."

Another is what I call the "click and bump." That's where you dry fire to test it and when the hammer goes forward you hear a BUMP. (You should hear a CLICK as the hammer strikes the metal valve stem.) It takes about 30 seconds to fix this one and involves taking the gun apart and putting the pieces back in the proper order (hammer going in first instead of the bumper).

And then there's the, "It won't work."

"Change the battery."

I like the, "My ball only goes out about 4 feet and then drops," problem. Pull out the bolt, turn it right side up and it works like a champ. Fifteen seconds tops.

"You fixed it? How'd you do that?"

Magic... You're welcome!

Read more:

Do you repair and maintain your own gun or do you take it to a tech?
No one touches my equipment.
Yeah, I let a tech do it.
I let my friends fix my gun.
Repair and maintain? What's that? free polls


Feb 19, 2010

One Word Movie Reviews...

The Hurt Locker: DAMN!

(Side note - Yes, my military friends and in particular my EOD paintball playing hero, the lack of tactical and operational realism left a lot to be desired. But, DAMN!)


Feb 18, 2010


Thanks for the follow Jonathan. Jonathan is a T2 alum, one of the originals who helped me raise T2 out of the swamp.  He does pretty decent anodizing work, too!


Maybe if their salaries were not a bazillion dollars a piece...

New York Post headline - "Yankees would pass on paintball"


Got leaks?

Anyone looking for Mongoose Marker DIP Switch Settings? CLICK HERE

Seriously, though, this is a great site for technical information on a bunch of paintball gear. I haven't had a chance in a while to give it a good look for updates. Maybe someone would like to offer up a review.

I can tell you that icon face on the right is one scary deal!


Feb 17, 2010

Tom Kaye is my hero...


Feb 16, 2010

Breaking news...this just in...

Two problems with this story as I see it...

First is a matter of responsible journalism: Grandville City Council member raises fears about paintball field.

Really? Fears? Would concerns not be a better word?

And the second problem is handled quite nicely by the first comment: "indoctrinate towards violence? scare wildlife? Two of the dumbest things i've ever heard. Sounds like he needs to grow a pair and stop being such a pansy."


Feb 15, 2010

To much pressure...

I love my regulars. Especially the team that practices out here. But I do have a mean and grumpy reputation to uphold:

"Hey, Mick. The compressor is only putting out 2500 psi."


"Ummmm. We need 4500?"

Need? Heavy sigh... "How much pressure does your gun operate at?"

"Well, er, around 250."

"And technically how many paintballs do you need to take out a 5 man team?"

"Five, but... ummm. Never mind."

Good boy!

(In my defense I was coming off the back end of a 24 hour killer virus.)

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Feb 14, 2010

Sunday Paintball Funnies...

Mosquitoes are not such a big deal this time of year but with the amount of rainfall we have had it's a sure bet that they will be out in force when the weather warms up. Here is a short, slow-mo video (no sound) of early results of a lazer system researchers have designed to take out the little critters in the air.

Almost as cool as shooting down ballistic missles. Sign me up.

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Feb 13, 2010

Saturday Paintball Reruns...

From March 21, 2005

So, what did these guys want?

I'm sitting in my office at midnight last night and I spot a car in the parking lot on my security monitor. I go to my upstairs window in time to see two guys get out of the car (there's a light in the parking lot) and walk directly to a spot at the edge of the lot where there is a pile of rocks and old bricks. I spotlighted them as they were walking toward the Pro-shop and they froze in there tracks. They said something to each other that I couldn't make out, jumped into the car and squealed the tires on there way out.

This morning I walked out to the parking lot to the spot where they were parked and found a brick laying on the ground.

They picked a perfect brick. It's completely covered with some sort of smooth, black, dry tar. I have fingerprints to go with the security tape!

What a world.


Feb 12, 2010

Another "Best Guess."

Last week, in a bold move to gain sympathy from you all for us struggling field owners, I dropped this item on you and asked you to guess the price. NoelyDeezNutz came the closest with $68 but that's for quantities of 10 or more.  Since I don't need that many at one time I get them here from Compressed Air Specialties for $65. So, technically Dragon1291 had the best guess. (more guesses here in the comments)

So, let's make this more interesting.  Check the next item. The first guess or the closest guess wins an IPAINTBALL T-Shirt.  Go here and pick out the style and color (don't order it) and with the details and I will send it right out.

So, for the rest of you slackers (I'm going to start using BACA's tone since he seems to get more results), get involved. Take a guess. Here it is (To keep it competitive I'm going to tack on an arbitrary penny amount to the total. So dollars and cents count) :

Oh, and the sympathy part - predictably it didn't happen.


Feb 11, 2010

How do you feel?


Feb 10, 2010

I love feedback...

I do some writing over at a site called Squidoo. I won't go into a long explanation. There is a link on the bottom right ("Do you like to write?") if you want to check out the site. Sometime back I wrote this little ditty - "Paintballers - Don't fear the rental gun!" I posted up a link to the story on my favorite PB forum and WHOA it was like I smacked someones momma.

"I'm a pro. I would never use a rental."

"My gun always works when I get to the field."

"Rental guns are the scourge of the earth."

"I wouldn't be caught dead using a rental gun."

"Every rental gun I've ever seen has been nasty."

Good gravy. Lighten up. I don't remember what my mood was when I wrote the piece but I'm pretty sure it was not meant for anyone to take personally.  If I've said it once I have said it a thousand times - "Paintball is a lot of fun.  As long as you don't take it to seriously."

(I'll try to remember the forum page and tack on a link here.)

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Feb 9, 2010

Mano a mano...

It's odd how adults in a group of walkons have no complaints until a few "experienced" players show up. Everything is fine as long as they rule the field by way of their size and adult status. Throw in a couple of regulars and suddenly the adults start whining. They're getting hit more often, not stealing as many flags and having to watch their "six" more regularly.

What's not odd is how the younger players in the group react. They are not intimidated. In fact, they are relieved to have someone join the game and ease the pressure. I don't have to worry about tournament players scaring off business. I don't allow tournament level play on my field. On the other hand - it's the Dads I have the most trouble with.


Feb 8, 2010

KEE buys JT

Read it here.



<<<<<<<<< You know you want to. If Baca can get 100 I know I can get 200!


Score for the Science Guy...

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Feb 7, 2010

Sunday Paintball Funnies...


Feb 6, 2010

Saturday Paintball Reruns...

From December 5, 2008

Paintball yesterday...

Awhile back I was showcasing items here from I'd like to bring that back with a look at the Air Gun Design 6-Pack. Back "in the day" constant air (anything larger than a 12 gram cartridge) was not allowed in tournaments because it changed the game too much. When players found out the 6-Pack was allowed Air Gun Design could not build them fast enough.

The 6-Pack worked so well, allowing a player to switch out an empty with a full cartridge with just the pull of a lever, that the tournament promoters threw up their hands and said, "Heck, we might as well allow constant air!"

Air Gun Design was able to produce and sell 2000 6-Packs before it's success led to its demise.

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Feb 5, 2010

Speak up...

Hey! It's "Open Mike Friday!" Drop a NON PAINTBALL comment on anything that might be on your mind. Keep it G or PG rated and work place friendly. I have a sharp censor pencil so don't expect anything else to get through.

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Best guess...

Think it's cheap to run a paintball field?  Here's something I'm gonna try from time to time.  I might even make it a a reoccurring contest and award some swag for you trouble. Pictured is a quick disconnect that goes on the end of a high pressure whip. It's special because it closes if it pops off the fill nipple eliminating that nasty noise and hose whipping.

How much does one of these puppies cost?

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Feb 4, 2010

"All tuff. No fluff."

I've gotten behind on my comments here at the Paintblog relying on news clips and press releases to fill in the gaps. Life at the field has come to a weather induced grinding halt. Floods, ice, snow, freezing temperatures. 2012 has come early to Arkansas. Things have got to get better. Don't they?

An interesting bit of paintball buzz has involved a new web page that has hit the net - PBWoman. How we manage to polarize every paintball subject and turn it into an issue amazes me. The chest thumpers have lined one side of the field yelling "WHY" while the more "evolved" males welcome the idea of a woman's paintball web page and forum as an enlightened development.

Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows I support anything that will get ANYONE more involved in the game.  Check out the site. Good luck, Cookie


Wish your high school had a paintball club? Start one!

From the National Collegiate Paintball Association webpage:

"Get more people playing paintball. Get a field reserved for your club when you play. Compete against other high school teams just like football and basketball. Pay less for tournaments, paint and gear. Add something to your college application or resume. Educate your community about paintball. Get your parents and friends to watch you play. Students across the country have formed paintball clubs and teams at their high schools. It's easy to do and we are here to help you pull it off. We work with high school students, parents and local fields to establish clubs; provide information to students, parents and administrators; drive down costs; and help organize recreational and competitive events in an environment created specifically to turn high school students into paintball players. Click on the links in the sidebar for more information or hit the NCPA Discussion forums to talk to other people who are in or starting clubs"

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Feb 3, 2010

Tippmann has been busy...

New stuff from Tippmann paintball (Click picture to enlarge):

And this:

Kind of look the same to me...!? Can you say "Chevy/GMC"?


I could have told them that...

Your "grumpy" field owner came across this little bit of research news recently:

I wonder if I get extra points for being mean? Click here for the original "mean and grumpy" post.

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Feb 2, 2010


I'm green with envy. A blog I've wanted to start for years. See it here and definitely bookmark this one. The History of Paintball.


Luck be a lady tonight...

The best bet on the card is Paintball (4.30). The selection, who looks well suited by Southwell's unique Fibresand surface, is expected to run a big race in his bid to follow up a maiden victory at the track last month.

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Feb 1, 2010

Happy Pallindrome Day 01022010

Today is 1st February which is 01022010 and its Happy Pallindrome Day again for the second time this year. It basically means the same number can be read back and forth in the same way.

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Crystal Balls?

What do you think the next big break through in paintball technology will be?


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Yes, I know Steve Davidson found the property that was the site of the first ever paintball game. No, I don't care. (Dale from the Ford Report)

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