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Nov 30, 2008


Do you plan to spend more, less or about the same for paintball this coming year?
About the same free polls


Nov 29, 2008

When pigs fly...

So, you think designing an air powered gun is easy!?


Nov 28, 2008

Christmas Wish List...


small BOOM!

Some electronic markers come with a rechargeable battery. Some of the markers require you to take the rechargeable battery out and charge it using a charger that plugs into the wall. Some markers have a small port somewhere, usually on the grip frame, where you can plug in a charger to recharge the rechargeable battery. In either case it is kind of important that you are charging a rechargeable battery and not a non-rechargeable, throw away battery. Otherwise you might end up having to throw away your marker when the battery shorts out and blows up inside the gun.

I'm just saying...!


Nov 27, 2008



Nov 26, 2008

more Tis the Season...

Following Mach's lead from over at his "Paintball in Michigan" blog I'd like to remind you all to consider doing your paintball shopping at a local Pro-shop. We may not be able to match the price at Wallyworld or Quacker Mountain but you can be sure we know what we are talking about and will try our best to help you make an informed purchase. I can't speak for all the local pro-shops but I'm sure most will offer maintenance and expertise with each sale. And tell your friends, better yet, bring them out to the shop and let them see what it's all about.

B&E Paintball, Fayetteville Arkansas 479-582-2920
Paintball Arkansas, Mayflower Arkansas 501-470-4400
T-Square Paintball, Jacksonville Arkansas 501-985-7729

And forgive me if I missed someone. Just drop me an e-mail with details.

Jingle Bells!


Tis the season...

Why do I feel grumpy this morning over someone's genuine attempt to pass along something nice? I received one of those e-mails; "For each Christmas card you send this year send one to 'A Recovering Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center'" Sounds like a great thing. Only, here's the problem.

The U.S. Postal Service will not and can not accept or forward mail addressed to "Any Soldier", "A Recovering Soldier (or Airman, Seaman or Marine)" or any other such greeting. If mail is not addressed to a specific person it is tossed or returned to sender. The reasons are important as the Snopes link above explains.

If you want to do something for the troops please consider the Holiday Mail for Heroes program.

And consider bookmarking Fischer Price does not have a talking doll that says "Satan is King," Verizon Wireless is not donating a dollar to a cancer fund every time you forward a message to seven people and Finland never banned Donald Duck because he doesn't wear pants.


Nov 25, 2008

Hey. Stand out there about 20 feet and let me...


Money makes the world go round...

Shady deals. Questionable loan practices. Fiscal recklessness and irresponsibility. Lack of accountability.

Let's reward stupidity with "bail outs" - banks, mortgage companies, insurance groups. AIG took some of their 85 billion dollars of bailout money and held a gathering at a California resort and shortly after received another 35 billion. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae execs used thousands of their bailout cash for parties at both National Conventions. Citicorp can't spend its money fast enough.

There are others in line with their hands out. The student loan industry says it's in trouble (big surprise). The auto industry just got their collective hands slapped. Their industry is so screwed up the government has no idea who to write the check out to but it will not be long before that's cleared up and they get their money.

I should get in line for my bail out.

Oh, but wait. I'm not broke, yet. I pay my bills and keep my checkbook balanced. My local taxes are paid so I don't have any money to hide off shore. And if I make one wrong step the IRS is right there to remind me of my fiscal responsibilities.

Besides, us common folks don't get bail outs when we screw up.

We have something called bankruptcy.


Nov 24, 2008

Say what??!!

This one leaves me baffled!

Seattle Police Department Says Paintball Vandalism Okay

Is the Police Chief right?
YES, way cool!
Hell NO. free polls


But does it come in purple and blue anodizing??

The world record time for taking apart
a DLX Luxe marker is 2.98 seconds.



Nov 21, 2008

Paintball on the Discovery Channel!

Everything was great right up until the 3:30 mark. Then,
at 4:40 everything went to hell. Shame on you Femme
Fetales - and 320 FPS????


Nov 20, 2008

More paintball from the air...

Santa Clare Paintball, Ca

World Cup, Walt Disney Sports Complex, Florida

Gator Park, Little Rock Arkansas


Nov 18, 2008

Oh, those crazy college kids...

Paintball disrespects Veterans!

What do you think of the editorial?
It was right on
They're smoking dope free polls


Nov 17, 2008

Paintball Police Blotter...

I can't keep up with it anymore. Just go here.


Ladies. Ladies. Please...

Behave yourselves!

If this wasn't such a serious situation it would be absolutely hysterical! Midgets! Multiple incidents! Two days in the hospital from a paintball to the head?? NJ Weird Magazine! Pay particular attention to the "possession of a firearm" charge.


Nov 16, 2008

It's that time of year, again.

"Hey. What time does your 6 Hour Big game start on Sunday?

"It starts at 11:00am.

"What time does it end??

(more Big Game details here)


Dedicated ballers

Sorry. Nope. Not going there!


Nov 14, 2008

Too many parts??

More on the Empire Prophecy loader:


Nov 13, 2008

Paintball from the air...

Google Earth is cool.

Wild World Paintball, Arkansas

"Paranoid" Paintball, California

Badlandz, Illinois

First correct guess gets a free field fee!


Nov 12, 2008

It's raining. Im bored.

Exclusive video of an alien spaceship creating crop circles - Click Here!


Custom Cocker 98???

Found this here:

Somebody help me out and describe what we are looking at here! People do like to tinker.


Nov 11, 2008

Grab a globe...

Here's an indoor field located in the Czech Republic in Downtown Prague. It's in an old bank building! For some great before (the first paintball) and after (they had been open awhile) pictures check their web site! One hour of play is $25.47 (US) and includes paintball gun, CO2, safety mask, overall, paintball gloves, entry, 140 pcs (pieces) of paintballs.


The way it goes.

At the water cooler or school locker:

(wannabee) "Yeah, I'm on a paintball team."

(admiring friends) "OOOOH. That's so cool.

(wannabee) "Oh yeah. Me and the team will be heading out to Huntington Beach next year."

(admiring friends) "AAAAAH. You're so cool.

(wannabee) "And I'll probably be voted team captain by then."

(admiring friends) WHOOOO. "We feel cooler just standing next to you."

On the practice field:

(wannabee) "Where the heck is Jim?"

(team mate 1) "He has detention/has to work overtime."

(team mate 2) "Hey, does anyone know how to fix this POS (enter favorite marker name here)."

(wannabee) "Are we even going to have enough to practice?"

(team mate 1) "We should vote on team captain today and call it quits."

(team mate 3) "I'm not playing if he's (glaring at wannabee) going to be captain."

(team mate 2) "My Mom/Wife needs to know if we are going to that 3 man tourney next week."

(team mate 1) "No way, man. That would be our first game. They would kick our butts up there."

(wannabee) "Ok, look. Let's get some kinda practice in. Who brought the paint?"

(team mate 3) "Not me."

(team mate 2) "I though it was your turn."

(team mate 1) "No way. I don't have any money."

(wannabee) "This sucks."

(team mate 2) "Let's go to my house and play the new Hastings game I just got."

(team mate 3) "Yeah, your Mom/Wife is home right? She's HOT!"

(team mate 2) "STFU"


Nov 10, 2008

I can't help myself...

I'm a space geek.

Venus began a trip across the sky on its way to a rare gathering with Jupiter. By the end of the month the two planets and the moon will be so close together you could hide all three with your thumb held out at arm's length, according to NASA news.


Nov 9, 2008


I just found an excellent source of marker service manuals. Shame on anyone who knew about this and didn't tell me. I will link it from the sidebar. Thank you TechPB.


Nov 8, 2008

A little late for Halloween.

Cue up the spooky sounds, creaking doors, blowing wind...

What's the deal with these mysterious teaser videos for new hoppers? I posted this one on the Rotor a few days back. Now there is another another one from KEE - an Empire hopper called The Prophecy.

Does this all mean we can stop waiting for the JRNY?


Nov 7, 2008

A little bit of this and a little bit of that,,,

Awhile back I was looking through the archives of a long since departed paintball blog. One post caught my interest. It was a review of a couple of other paintball blogs with a promise of more to come. Since I'm too lazy to do my own google search and cherry picking of other sites I figured here was somebody willing to do it for me - only the author closed the blog without another review.

So... here is what I've found:

Ever wonder what paintball is like in the Far East? This blog gets an A+ for content that includes tourney news as well as paintball information in general.

Paintball Crunch just got started and shows some potential. It's authored by two guys who claim to be Paintball Theorist (At first I thought it read terrorists!). I'll give these guys an A for originality and see how far they go.

And then there is this one. I'm not sure what to grade it since I can't read it. It has some cool pics and videos that might rate a A-

Come to think of it, I'll probably grade everyone an A since I don't plan to bore anyone with the turkeys! More to come.

And just to make it interesting.

Which one did you think was the best of the three?
Paintball in Singapore
Paintball Crunch
ARABA Camp free polls


Weird paintball....

Here's an odd/interesting story about a man whose life was saved as a result of being hit by a paintball!


Nov 6, 2008

Skip this post if you are looking for paintball...

HEY DO YOU ALL KNOW ANALOG TV IS GOING AWAY IN FEBRUARY! You have to be living under a rock if you don't. The commercials have been endless. I'm about tired of the scrolling messages running over my favorite re-runs. And we still have 2 months left before the BIG CHANGE!

Even with all the notices there are people who actually do live under rocks and will no doubt wake up on Feb 17, 09 wondering why their morning talk show has been replaced by static. They probably missed this "public announcement." TV Digital Conversion PSA



Hello to all of you who find your way here via the link from 68caliber 2.0. My thanks to the good folks there that have included me in their blogroll. I hope you will find something here you will find fun or helpful or informative and want to visit again.


Paintball. Sorta...

I abhor politics. To me it's people playing chess, using people's minds as the game pieces. I'll put you here so you will advance. I'll put you here so you think you are advancing. I'll put you here where you will think you are advancing but I'm really setting you up to be sacrificed! Cutthroat. Ego maniacal. Out of control.

I voted. I have to confess, it really doesn't matter to me who wins one way or another. It's probably due to my 22 years of Air Force military service. The President is my Commander-in-Chief. When he says "Jump" I say how high do you want that plane to go, Sir? There are no Republicans or Democrats in foxholes.

I wish our new Commander-in-Chief well. I hope people will still be finding reasons to party in the streets two years from now when all the shiny newness and novelty has worn off. Change can be good. But change just for the sake of change can be costly.


Nov 5, 2008


Sometimes I think I'm invisible. It happens mostly around the CO2 fill station. A couple of people will come in together and while I go about the business of filling their tanks I listen to them chat, low, thinking I'm not paying attention or able to hear them. One will ask the other a question, "What's that?" pointing to something behind the counter and the other will shrug his shoulder or give half an answer - usually wrong.

Dads are the best. Little johnny will tug on Dad's sleeve and ask one of those impossible questions young kids are famous for and rather than refer the question to me they will fumble on and come up with an answer more confusing than the question.

I had a Dad explain the CO2 filling process step by step to his young son one time. "And see what he's (referring to me) doing now. He's letting the couple of ounces left in our tank out and into that tank down there (pointing to my PVC CO2 muffler**) where he stores it and then sells it back to us."

I know when a friend tells his buddy that a longer barrel is more accurate that I should step in and correct him. But I would be ignored because, after all, the customer is always right. And when someone comes in wanting Nitrous in their HPA tank I should point out that they mean Nitrogen, but hey, ignorance is bliss.

(** A muffler is used to quiet down the noise CO2 makes when it is being dumped out of a tank to chill it for proper filling.)


Nov 4, 2008

I can't control my gun!

Got an e-mail today.

"Hello there just read the field report and you have a big game coming up i understand. I just had some quick questions I have a dangerous power g3 this thing can lay some paint down! Do you have any limitations as to how fast you can shoot Ex: I always no matter what I'm playing shoot on 25bps mode. Would I have to set it to a lower mode? Because this gun the lowest mode is 15 balls per second. I would really love to come and play I just hope my gun doesn't limit that thank you very much."

My response.

Just because your gun will not cap below 15 balls per second doesn't mean you can't behave yourself and play rec-ball with it. I have a very serious attitude about having fun. Shoot more than three times without a polite pause before you shoot three more and I'll be on you like stink on poo. NO ramping, bouncing, fanning, burst, auto, etc. and you will fit right in - or you could always borrow a rental.

I hope he gets it.


Nov 2, 2008


Friday, October 31, 2008

BRIDGEPORT (Connecticut) -- Two men were arrested after police said they shot paintballs at a city bus from a moving car Thursday.

Herberto Bellido, 28, of Huntington Road, and Dennis Colon, 24, of Pembroke Street, were each charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, weapons in a motor vehicle and criminal mischief.

Each man was released after posting a $5,000 bond.

Officers from the Neighborhood Enforcement Team were driving on Kossuth Street when they saw a silver Dodge sedan pull up alongside a city bus and a passenger in the car begin firing at the bus with a paintball gun, police said.

Officers stopped the car on Maple Street, and allegedly found a paintball gun and 1,000 paintballs in the car. Bellido, the driver, and Colon, his passenger, were charged at the scene.

Saturday, Nov 1, 2008

Someone fired a paintball gun at eight teenagers and children Friday night in two separate incidents, hitting some of them, Wichita police said.

Although no one was seriously injured, paintball rounds can inflict serious wounds, said police Sgt. Bruce Watts.

The incidents are considered felony crimes, he said.

Police think the same two people in a white four-door car were involved.

The first incident occurred at 8:15 p.m. Friday in the 1500 block of North Murray. Someone fired a paintball gun at four children ages 8 to 12. In the second incident at about 9:45 p.m. Friday at Tyler and Shadow Lakes, someone fired at four people ages 15 to 17.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Memphis police have charged two juveniles and one adult in a Halloween night paintball shooting that injured the eye of a 7-year-old girl.

Diquane Aldridge, 18, and two 15-year-olds were charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.


Nov 1, 2008

More etiquette...

Here is a bit of paintball etiquette that I held back from the etiquette post because I think it deserves its own post.

Do not yell at my refs, "PAINT CHECK THAT PLAYER!".

Refs, for the most part, know what they are doing. They are not necessarily on the field to call people out. They are there to insure integrity. Many times they will hold back to see if players will call themselves out (Remember, we are talking about rec-ball.). They also watch for wiping.

If you feel a player is hit but not calling themselves out my advice is pretty simple. Hit them again. Unless the ref is caught totally off guard or is distracted they will eventually pull the player and have a chat with him or her on the way back to the safe zone.

No, my refs are not perfect. You may run into one that is having a bad day and doesn't have his head totally in the game. Don't yell at them to do their job.

Come see me.


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