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Jul 29, 2006

Never relax…

Just when I think I have every item concerning safety covered I have a player come up with something brand new.

There he was, sitting at a table in the Pro-Shop working on his electronic Spyder. No big deal. I have guys working on guns in the Pr0-Shop all the time. He's got the grip cover off and he's poking around the insides with something when suddenly the gun fires, sending the gun plug and the remnants of a paintball into the side of a counter.

Now, the gun was turned off mind you but I let him break the first rule of gun maintenance. NEVER WORK ON A GUN WITH CO2 OR HPA STILL ATTACHED. That's the number one NO-NO of all!

Turns out the "something" was a screwdriver. He shorted out something with the tip that made the gun go off. Now I have to make another sign: Don't poke around the insides of your electronic gun with a screwdriver!

I'd ask, "What's next?" but I really, really, really don't want to know!


Jul 21, 2006

EBAY Blues…

Let's make a deal: When you buy something on Ebay that doesn't work don't get pissed at me because I CAN'T FIX IT...and I won't get pissed at you for BUYING IT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Remind yourself the next time you see a "good deal" on ebay;

Ebay is where people unload stuff THEY DON'T want.

Peace. Out!


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