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Nov 13, 2005

Give WHO a break...?

Went to the movies the other day and bought a small, dollar fifty popcorn. I finished that bad boy off before the previews ended, so I went out front and bought me another. And just to be nice I broke down and bought Marylou one too. I sure thought dinner would have filled her up! Movie got slow about half way through (plus I had to relieve myself of a quart of cherry Coke) so I bought another small popcorn.

And then, as the movie was ending it hit me. I paid six bucks for four small popcorns when I could have paid five fifty for a super jumbo size.


I could of saved fifty cents.

So, you know what I did (No, I didn't say to myself, "Next time I'll get the jumbo." I'm no push over!)? I reached under my seat and grabbed those four small popcorn cups and marched right out to the concession and demanded my fifty cents.

And you know what the manager said?

I won't repeat what he said but I can say this. That's the meanest and grumpiest theater manager I've every come across.

Man, some people!

(And for anyone who might have missed the irony or satire in this little story - every weekend someone will buy four 100 round bags for $20 and when they find out they could have bought one 500 round bag for $20 they insist I owe them a free bag. At first glance this might seem like an innocent enough request. Lord knows I've sucked it up on many occasions and gone ahead and given some kid the bulk price break.

But, dang it, you adults should know better. A salary has to be paid FIVE times to prepare those FIVE bags of paint and a salary has to be paid FIVE times to serve those FIVE bags of paint. That's why those FIVE 100 round bags cost more than ONE 500 round bag. A salary only has to be paid ONE time to prepare that bag and a salary only has to be paid ONE time to serve that bag - a break for me that I'm willing to pass on to you.)


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