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Nov 8, 2005

Just another day...

I cringe whenever I go to split a group into teams and one of them says, "Oh, we already have the teams picked." Typically it's a declaration from one of the Alpha males in the group and I can always count on the teams being neither fairly picked nor evenly matched.

It happened today. It was a group of adults so I threw caution to the wind and said, What the hell! as I led the two teams into the woods. It was pretty clear by the first game and very obvious after the second game that it was going to be a long day for one of the teams.

I offered to split them up a couple of times but the team getting their butt's whooped insisted on playing on, mostly as a matter of pride. (Did I mention it was a military group?) In the end one team limped home, battered and bruised, not exactly a group of folks I would expect to come out and play again anytime soon while the other team hooted and hollered and slapped themselves on the back in celebration of their victory(s).

So now I'm disappointed with myself for not insisting that the teams be reformed, upset that I let one team convince me the teams didn't need to be reformed and pissed that the other team would set their buddies up and use them the way they did.

They say we are all wired differently. Does that explain why some people care, some people don't and others just don't give a damn?


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