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Sep 25, 2008

The Big Splat

Scientists believe it was just over 13 billion years ago that our creator kick started us toward what we are today. It all started in a total void. I'm talking total here folks. Nothing, nada, zip. Time didn't exist. Not even a warped Twilight Zone version. There was no light but it wasn't dark. Dark is the result of an absent of light but in this particular area of nothing there was no light to declare absent. Which is not to say it was bright white since white is an absent of color, non of which existed there, either.

Anyway, something about the size of a walnut was tossed into this nothing and since nature abhors a vacuum (not really a vacuum because a vacuum is the result of... never-mind) this walnut exploded in an attempt to fill this nothing.

The "Big Bang."

What got me thinking about all of this was a story I read a few days ago about what might be beyond our own universe. For thirteen billion years all around us all we can see is the light from objects that resulted from our own Big Bang. The light, if there is any, from anything "out there", if there is anything, hasn't reached us yet. Even with a telescope millions of times more sensitive than the Hubble we still can not see what is beyond our own tiny existence.

And what does this all have to do with paintball?

Thirteen billion years ago the possibility of paintball was created.

Happy Birthday.

What's out "there"?
Fig Newtons
Time will tell. free polls

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