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Sep 20, 2008

Thank you, Big Daddy. Can I have another?

Tippmann will allow me the privileged of becoming a "certified" Tippmann tech if I pay $500 to attend their class at World Cup. Advertising has begun for another event - The "Extravaganza". This is a yearly event for field and pro-shop owners where we are also provided the opportunity to pay for certification classes.

Donkey doo doo!

When I fix a gun for Tippmann or Kingman or Kee or anyone (which I taught myself to do, thank you very much) I am doing them a favor. I'm saving them money in warranty service and I'm acting as a buffer between a (sometimes) pissed customer and a (sometimes) shoddy product. THEY SHOULD BE PAYING ME!

At the very least they should offer tech courses for free.

Tippmann says they will make it worth my while by sending me home with $500 (retail) worth of maintenance parts. I've seen pre-packaged parts kits - 99% of the contents are always useless junk. It's the same for every pre-packaged parts kit I've every seen.

Back before the manufacturers found out people would actually bend over for this doo doo they use to give free classes and let you keep the hopper or cheap blow back. Now they offer the item (used now because you tore it apart and put it back together) for a "nominal" fee - usually full wholesale price.

I take days off from work. I pay to get there. I pay for the hotel and food. And I get to go home with a piece of paper that says I'm certified to take time out of my day to do their warranty work.

Yeah, I'd be certified all right!

One of the arguements they throw out is "Now you can charge more for your repairs."

More doo doo.

At every major event you will see THEIR compensated techs working on guns for free. They do it for the same reason I do it. It's good for customer relations. It makes them look good.

Only, they want me to pay for their customer relations and to make them look good.

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