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Nov 7, 2008

A little bit of this and a little bit of that,,,

Awhile back I was looking through the archives of a long since departed paintball blog. One post caught my interest. It was a review of a couple of other paintball blogs with a promise of more to come. Since I'm too lazy to do my own google search and cherry picking of other sites I figured here was somebody willing to do it for me - only the author closed the blog without another review.

So... here is what I've found:

Ever wonder what paintball is like in the Far East? This blog gets an A+ for content that includes tourney news as well as paintball information in general.

Paintball Crunch just got started and shows some potential. It's authored by two guys who claim to be Paintball Theorist (At first I thought it read terrorists!). I'll give these guys an A for originality and see how far they go.

And then there is this one. I'm not sure what to grade it since I can't read it. It has some cool pics and videos that might rate a A-

Come to think of it, I'll probably grade everyone an A since I don't plan to bore anyone with the turkeys! More to come.

And just to make it interesting.

Which one did you think was the best of the three?
Paintball in Singapore
Paintball Crunch
ARABA Camp free polls


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