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Dec 16, 2008

$22.78 + $14.89 + 33.76 = (expletive X 77)

Of the many problems I run into in regards to ordering and shipment and delivery of merchandise for the Pro-shop I would have to pick shipments of the same order from multiple locations as the one that makes me most grumpy. That's when Item A,B and C are shipped from location 1, item D and E are shipped from location 2, and later on I get a back ordered item from location 325.

It's bad enough that I open the box and find the wrong items or have to deal with missing items with no explanation on the invoice (Has it been dropped from inventory? Is it back ordered and if so when can I expect delivery), having to pay shipping on each delivery from multiple shipping locations really yanks at my chain.

In the grand scheme of things it seems like a trivial inconvenience. But seriously, it's not my executive decision to have items scattered all over the countryside. I believe the responsible party needs to be paying for any cost above and beyond what it would cost to send the entire shipment from one spot.


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