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Dec 17, 2008

How many inches is yours?

Why are guys so obsessed with the length of their barrel? Is it hard wired into our genes? Is it a Freudian thing? Do a few more inches really make that much difference? Is it worth it to pay for more length? Will it really enhance performance? I consider these to be important questions. A mans gotta know. Ya know!?


WorthyD Dec 17, 2008, 4:48:00 PM  

I used a 16" JT on my STO autococker the 4 years I played heavy with it. I eventually switched to the Warped Lucky 15 when I shot a Timmy or Ego. It was a pure mental thing. I never noticed a difference between a 14 to 16. I did notice however if I shot a 10 or 12 I shot my bunker a lot more. Being "retired" and on a budget now I'd never pay an extra $10 or $15 for a few extra inches. I'd pay more for quality but not for length.

mr. cliff,  Dec 17, 2008, 7:46:00 PM  

i usually play with a shoter barrel a 10 or a 12. a longer barrel seems to get in the way more than anything.

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