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Dec 13, 2008

Some of our more interesting repairs...

The classic gun repair is the two minute cleaning. I'm handed a gun that a player thinks is a worthless piece of dog poo, squeegee out the goopy Wallyworld paint, oil it and hand it back working. The player looks at me like I just turned chicken nuggets into gold.

I've had this conversation many times; "No. Tanks you buy at Wallyworld do not come filled. That's why it doesn't work."

Another is what I call the "click and bump." That's where you dry fire to test it and when the hammer goes forward you hear a BUMP. (You should hear a CLICK as the hammer strikes the metal valve stem.) It takes about 30 seconds to fix this one and involves taking the gun apart and putting the pieces back in the proper order (hammer going in first instead of the bumper).

And then there's the, "It won't work."

"Change the battery."

I like the, "My ball only goes out about 4 feet and then drops," problem. Pull out the bolt, turn it right side up and it works like a champ. Fifteen seconds tops.

"You fixed it? How'd you do that?"

Magic... You're welcome!

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