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Jan 17, 2009

A common paintball game - The Blame Game...

There is a paintball blogger I pop in on from time to time. I don't link him from the side bar because he is notorious for his foul language and long rambling rants. His blog is like a car wreck - you know you shouldn't stare as you pass by but you can't help but look. I can't comment on his writing because most of it is inside stuff about what I call the "hard corp" scenario world but every now and then he comes up with something I can relate to.

You can see the post here. It has a great (rambling) detailed description of how paintballs are made and he only drops the F-Bomb once but not till the last paragraph. In a nut shell he talks about how hard it is to make a paintball and who should be blamed for bad paint at an event.

It's pretty clear who the culprit is when all that is offered is over priced boxes of cheap seconds that have come from a cold/wet trailer and are tossed around like bean bags. Someone is looking to make an easy buck.

But who do you blame if it's a well handled and distributed product, is a well known brand, is being sold at near break even prices and still shoots out of the gun in a cloud of spew?

Well. of course the game promoter is going to blame the manufacturer, the field owner is going to blame the promoter, the players are going blame the field owner and the manufacturers are going to come back around and blame it on the handling and storage.

The only person that comes out of that blood bath unscathed as far as blame is concerned is the player. Is the player suppose to know how hard it is to make a paintball and keep it consistent batch after batch? Is a player suppose to know to keep his paint dry or out of the sun? Are players expected to know they should check their ball to barrel match and not try to shoot their paint through a soda straw? Does the player know how to adjust his dwell?

I've heard it said that anytime you point a finger there are three pointed back at you.


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