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Feb 14, 2009

An apple for the Teacher...

Had a lady call, she wanted to make sure the pro-shop was open, who identified herself as a local school teacher who needed paintballs for a school project. After I assured her that I had paintballs and that I was open she said she would be right out.

She wanted a variety of colors so while I waited on her I laid out a display on the counter. When she arrived she looked them over and was pleased She was surprised when I refused to let her pay for them. Being the curious kind of guy I am I asked her if she could tell me about the project.

Well, she's a Jr. High Math teacher. She started throwing sines and cosines and tangents at me and I was down for the count before she ever got to the hypotenuses. Let's just say math was just not my forte unless it was for figuring lap times or gear ratios at the local dirt track.

A couple of things she discussed really caught my attention. First she talked about the procedures she had to follow in order to bring a paintball gun on to school grounds (at which point I mentioned she might want to call it a paintball "marker" next time). She needs three adult supervisors before she can take it out of the bag, needs to wrap the marker in PINK tape and she has to do an in and out inventory and account for every paintball she uses. She wasn't sure if she had a gun plug so I tossed one of those in for free, also.

The other thing was her students had to get a minimum of a C grade on a recent test she gave if they wanted to participate in the project. She had kids coming in at lunch time and after school to take re-tests and make-up tests just so they could participate. It appeared she was heading for an all time pass rate for her testing period.

So here's an apple for the teacher. I hope she doesn't forget the CO2!


TheWoodsballer Feb 16, 2009, 11:11:00 PM  

So, did she ever say what exactly she was planning? I'd be interested to know... My brother is a math teacher, maybe I can talk him into letting me help with a "project" like this!

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