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Feb 27, 2009

The Devil himself confesses...

After market boards for guns and hoppers are in my humble opinion the number one rip off in the industry of paintball. Millions have been paid for that miraculous extra microsecond (one one millionth of a second) of recycle speed or solenoid recharge. Whether or not your new board and its options improve your gun or its performance (It doesn't and I'll argue that point till the cows come home!), fact is you are being ripped off.

Jim Drew is the brain behind the famous (infamous) W.A.S. board technology. He has decided to give it up and has offered his company and its technology to the highest bidder. Here are some of his thoughts:

"It is still sad to me that people lost sight of the meaning of the game. I guess I am somewhat to blame for the rate of fire wars, and I did invent the “Debounce” setting, but I always produced 100% legal boards.

Players - the reality is that boards now cost about $7 each for production quantities of 100 pieces (less for higher quantities), and that is made in the U.S.A. not China! I wanted to charge no more than $49 for our boards, but Gino from National Paintball insisted that the boards needed to retail for no less than $129… this set the standard in the industry, one that still exists really.

I would like to see an end to players getting ripped off by the manufacturers. I am just fed up with an industry of crooks who are far more concerned about making money than they are with the safety of the players."

Aftermarket boards. Aftermarket chips. WAS. Virtue. Blackheart. Z code. Tadao. Nerve. Predator. Etc. If you think there are allot of them on the market because they are something special think again. They are on the market because there is big money in selling vanity.

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Reiner Schafer Feb 27, 2009, 3:12:00 PM  

I wonder what the paintball world would have been like the last few years with boards selling at $49 instead of $129? I shudder at the thought.

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