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Feb 6, 2009

The Girls of Paintball - Audrey Eckroth

So, I'm asked from time to time why girls don't play paintball. And the answer is, "They do!" Here's a quick interview with Audrey Eckroth who plays for a team you might have heard of - The Femmes Fatale:

How did you get involved in paintball?

I started back in July 06. I didn’t know anything about paintball till my uncle told me a paintball field just open up in town. I went one weekend and I fell in love with it. Kept on going back every weekend then got a job there and was always there. It was like my second home.

I hear you might want to hit the pro ranks.

I’m hoping I will get there in 09 or 10. I’ve been trying so hard but its not easy to get pros to consider a girl. Its hard to get the guys respect till they play against you.

What’s the best part of playing for The Femmes Fatale?

The best is it’s a no drama team. I don’t like hanging out with girls at all but if you play paintball then you're good in my book. I love Dye (their sponsor) so it’s like the best team to be on. They work hard to choose the best girls in paintball to play with them. When I was new in 06 I heard about them, wanted to play with them for so long and now I am.

Now you have taken your paintball life one more step. Tell us about Paintball Babe Clothing.

I’m designing the website now and its gonna be in x3 mag so I’m pretty excited. Gonna expose in PSP Phoenix with some of my models. It’s gonna go well. I know for sure it will be the best.

Is there anything you might want to say to young women thinking about playing paintball?

They should try it and see if they like it. If they don’t then they wont stick to it. You have to love the sport to play it and succeed in it and stick with it.

What question would you ask the next person I interview?

Who did u get coaching from?

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Richelle Shattell May 17, 2010, 8:17:00 AM  

Kudos to Audrey for not only her hard work on the field, but her extra effort to promote the sport to the female crowd with her with her clothing line.

Best of luck to Audrey with all her paintball ventures!

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