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Feb 13, 2009

Tiberius Arms sniper paintball...

Everything old becomes new again. Paintballs with fins were tried years ago with limited success. Most players did not have the patience to load them one at a time like musket balls. Various types of feed systems were tried but were given up on. Tiberius says a clip will be out soon that will fit their guns.

There's a YouTube video out showing the TechPB guys loading and shooting these things but like allot of TechPB videos the language is a bit raw so I can't recommend it (Man, I'm on a roll lately over trash mouths). Anyway, the idea of a finned paintball is interesting - I just don't want anyone to think it's unique. The guys in the video claim they are accurate but of course you can't see them fly and you can't see the hits. I remain skeptical.

Do you think a "one shot - one kill" paintball is possible?
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WorthyD Feb 13, 2009, 7:25:00 AM  

Kudos for trying, but I think I'll stick to premium paint. No matter how much you spend on paint it will still break on twigs on trees while playing in the woods.

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