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Mar 7, 2009

Mean and Grumpy to the 10th power...!

So, I get this e-mail requesting information about the field. "What does paint cost? How much is the field fee? What are your hours?", etc. I get about a dozen of these a week. Not a bunch. But enough where I really don't have time to respond to each with a personal response. So I send them a quick "Thank you for your interest!" note and the field web page address.

Along with the typical questions, this last e-mail included, "I went to your web page but got lost."

Okay, so maybe I was tired, perhaps even a bit cranky. I should have taken the time to answer his questions directly. Instead I replied with, "If you got lost on the web site I can't see there being much hope for me explaining anything....try again! T-Square".

Well, hell's bells, I might as well have gone out back and kicked the cat!

This is what I got back (cleaned up version (the language, not the grammar or spelling))..."%uck you &itch, #uckin answer the simple questions i had like how much is paint and what are you hours thats a good way to get people to play out there eat $hit and die stupid #itch."

And, yeah, I should have let it go. But nooooo! I quick typed and entered, "Well, you're certainly not someone I want playing here. thanks for clearing that up for me."

And I honestly thought that would be the end of it. Again. nooooo! This morning I check my e-mail to find, "%igger im going to come to your field and ull never know who i am stupid #itch".

Which caused me to reply, "As long as you behave yourself and follow the safety rules I don't care who you are......." (Which isn't really true since I certainly do care)

To wrap this story up I checked my e-mail this evening and found, "alright then sry i was a dick i just wanted to know ur paint prices and compressed air prices?"

I wish I could tell you I make this stuff up!! My first thought was to send him the website link again. Instead I deleted his e-mail. I'm mean and grumpy and silly like that at times.


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