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Mar 25, 2009

Paintball scribbling...

I can't seem to find much paintball to write about this week. Hot on the heals of the NPPL crash it is reported (whispered) that the PSP is in debt. Baca Loco won't let the "paintball needs to be fixed" discussion die. The Woodsballer confirms that indoor paintball ain't all that grand and there hasn't been much Life Behind the Lenses. It's even quiet over at Paintball Gossip. T-Square is open this week for spring break so I'm sure something will pop up that's worth writing about.

When I first started blogging about paintball there was maybe one or two other paintball blogs out there. Now there's quite a few. Every time some dramatic news erupts two or three new paintball blogs will pop up and last just about as long as the news. When ever someone does somebody else wrong somebody will write a paintball blog, exchange obscenities with the someone in question and in the wake of all the puffery they will leave behind a couple of dormant blogs. I try to keep track of the more active blogs and forums and sites over at The Best of Everything Paintball but it is truly a loosing battle as one blog or site or another runs out of steam and grinds to a halt.

If you have any desire to write do yourself a favor and not bother writing about paintball. Especially if you are still able to go play. Write about golf or bowling or scuba diving. Leave paintball to us lost and beaten soles. Go play. Live the news and stories.


Anonymous,  Mar 25, 2009, 10:21:00 AM  

IMHO Its is not so much the ROF/AGG/Pricks of the paintball world but the nintendo generation. When kids can play online with thousands of other players shooting each other up then why pay all those field fee's to get bruised up or as a friend of mine always claims "I would come out and play but I dont like to get ticks on me"


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