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Mar 8, 2009

Who gets the pork and who gets the beans...?

The economic doom and gloom people are starting to get on my nerves. Still, times are tough and many of us are having to cut back on certain things. I eat out a little less and don't go to the river to fish near as much. Premium TV channels are not as important anymore. Nor is call waiting on the phone.

Yet, while most of us tighten our belts and micro-manage our money the government just keeps on rolling along.

$188,000 just went to the Lobster Institute. The group’s website says, "The LOBSTER INSTITUTE is a cooperative program of research and education with the lobster industry at the University of Maine." One of their big projects is the development of lobster dog biscuits.

Hawaii recently picked up $10,000,000 for the National Defense Center of Excellence for Research in Ocean Sciences and $2,000,000 for Brown Tree Snakes. I'm pretty sure Hawaii has no snakes.

The National Drug Intelligence Center picked up a cool $23,000,000 even though the Department of Justice has repeatedly asked Congress to shut them down because its operations are a duplication of the DOJ's efforts.

Four Presidential Libraries have $19,942,000 for improvements.

$7,556,660 has been earmarked for grape and wine research.

And the hits just keep on coming. Citizens Against Government Waste 1-800-BE ANGRY



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