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Oct 29, 2009

Are you "some player"...?

I have a very strict twenty foot rule. No bunkering. No bunker or barrel tags.  No forced/automatic surrender rule. Just stay twenty feet back.  This often leads to a player yelling in frustration, "How am I suppose to hit him?" - this coming from a player hunkered down in his bunker twenty feet from his opponent who is hunkered down opposite him.

It's a good opportunity for a quick lesson in team work. "Get your team mates to flank him and flush him out," I yell back.  But it seldom sinks in. The frustrated player spends the next few minutes pounding paint against a tree or spool or brush pile while giving me dirty looks every five or six shots.

"Stupid rule.  You probably do this so we will shoot more paint," they will further complain as if I'm the one reaching out with some invisible force to pull their trigger.  Some players just don't want to be protected.  To heck with them. It's the other players I care about .  I'm protecting them from some players.

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