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Oct 2, 2009

"Could it, should it, will it be?"

I don't have a "puppet army" or "minions" to count on for inside industry news (dirt) so I count heavily on absconding my news from other great minds. I've been stealing a lot from the Catshack lately. Tomcats on top of a lot of stuff. Press releases can be tough to read. You often have to wade through a bunch of fluffy verbiage to find the real news. Tomcat gleaned this little nugget from a past Tippmann release:

(JR) Rice (a recent hire at Tippmann), well-known to many in the paintball industry, is widely touted as the engineering genius behind Angel – he helped develop one of the first and most respected electropneumatic paintball markers ever manufactured.

and added it to what Howard Kosick (President and CEO of Tippmann Sports LLC) said during a recent Catshack interview, "For years players have asked us to develop an electro type marker. We always have new marker items in the product development pipeline but I am not at liberty to share our future product plans for competitive reasons." and came up with, "Could it be?"


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