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Oct 15, 2009

Don't tread on my paintball...

There is something that (excuse me) pisses me off about this 50 cal talk. All the so called experts are pushing how 50 cal doesn't hurt "as much." Where the heck were these people during the rate of fire war? They sure didn't have much to say about pounding players, new and experienced alike, with 8, 15 and toward the end of the war nearly 25 balls per second. Since paint was being sold by the tractor trailer load the industry didn't dare speak up about the real and potential rate of fire injuries.

All of a sudden paintball needs to stop hurting in order to make it grow. Gun and paint manufacturers are standing in the wings with a wet finger in the air, waiting for the winds of acceptance to blow in the right direction so they can ride in on white horses and save paintball.

The economy will turn around. Paintball will come back as strong as it once was IF the game isn't fractured by people hoping to line their pockets with the latest same old, wore out, good idea.

I would love to hear what you think.

 Eleventh Law of Paintball
It's easy to be a good shot on the target range,
the targets don't shoot back.

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