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Oct 20, 2009

Pay me now. Or pay me later.

Had a marker come in the other day.  It was not re-cocking.   Typically this means it needs to be cleaned.  This one REALLY needed cleaning..

It doesn't show real clear in the picture but the slime and discoloration is old paint.  It had the consistency of molasses and had everything glued together.  After prying the body apart I had to pry the connecting rod out and pull the front bolt off the power tube.

The ball detent (the orange thing in the lower left) is being held down by the bolt in the picture.  When I removed the bolt it stayed down, glued together.  The rear striker (not shown) as well as the power tube assembly with valve had to be pealed away from the body.  Getting everything clean took half a bottle of Goo-Gone (great stuff by the way).  I would have used oven cleaner but I was afraid it might hurt the finish.

The point to all this is the player may have saved a few dollars buying some cheap paint online or at a big lot store but he ended up paying me twice what he saved to get his marker working again.  It's human nature to try and find the "good deal."  It's also true that you get what you pay for.

*Fourteenth Law of Paintball
Most people who TALK a good game don't PLAY a good game.

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