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Nov 6, 2009

10 Essential Gear Bag Items (part two)...

Continued from yesterday:

Squirt bottle with soapy water - I use Dawn liquid dish soap on everything. It cuts greasy paint of everything. It doesn't need to be a big bottle. You don't want to open your bag and find a puddle at the bottom. If you know the field has water you can squirt just a bit of soap into an old marker oil bottle and fill it when you get there and dump it before you leave.

Tank orings - Extra orings for your marker are nice but the weak link in the world of buna and urethane is the tank oring. Be sure to have extra tank orings.

Batteries - Even if your marker and hopper doesn't need them bring them anyway. Your buddies will need them and they'll pay a small fortune for them.

Drinks/Energy Snacks - It might be a field paint only affair but most places will let you bring some food. Toss a sports drink in the freezer the night before your outing and after the drive and a few games it will be cold and ready to drink. Trail mix has always been my half time choice.

First Aid kit - You don't have to pack for open heart surgery. Something for bug bites and briar patch scratches will do. A few bandaids and a small bottle of disinfectant doesn't take up much room.

That's my take on the subject.  What did I miss?

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