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Jan 14, 2010

Ebay paintball bargains...

Here's a brief guide to Ebay paintball shopping:

If it's a CO2 tank it will be out of inspection date

If it's an HPA tank it will be out of inspection date.

If it's a stack tube blow back marker it will have a bad hammer oring and/or leak from the barrel.

If it's an electronic marker it will only shoot on days that contain the letter "U", ie: Tuesday, Thursday, etc.

If it says "New" it will have a few scratches.

If it says "Used" it will have at least one broken part (not necessarily a critical part).

If the listing says "I don't know anything about paintball guns" or the variation "I don't have air to test this gun but it cocks fine" expect the marker to be DOA.

The phrase "Mad ups!" means the marker comes with a bunch of useless modifications that do nothing but raise the common sense price of the marker 3 fold. (Possibly bonus - Stripping and selling the mad ups separately will often pay for the entire stock marker.)


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