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Jan 6, 2010

Paintball Whatzit exposed...

Awhile back I offered up this odd little item and asked folks to try and identify it. A few T-Square locals knew what it was. I allowed some of them to borrow it under the threat of a long, painful, agonizing flogging if I didn't get it back. Unless you have had to stand in line at a Smart Parts booth to have a Shocker repaired I didn't expect anyone to correctly come up with its function.

There is a small, hard oring on a Shocker SFT/NXT marker that is nearly impossible to replace.  It's hard to stretch onto the bolt and I would usually end up nicking or breaking it. It's a crucial oring andcan not be replaced with just any oring. I saw this little "rocket nose cone" tool one year at World Cup and rushed home to try and make my own. I have no talent or tools for metal work so I tried to make one out of wood with no success.

One of my players came to my rescue when he mentioned his Dad was a machinist.  After a little negotiating I ended up with a cool tool that slips over the end of the Shocker bolt and allows me to ease the oring up the nose cone till it reaches the bolt.

It works great, no it's not for sale and it's proof again that any job is easy if you have the right tools.

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