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Jan 26, 2010


The perfect paintball gun?

Go on Ebay and get yourself a used Tippmann Custom 98. Yes, I know. I constantly harp against buying anything on Ebay but here’s the deal. Ninety nine out of one hundred Tippmanns purchased on Ebay is going to be a good buy. This is a testament to Tippmann and the Custom 98’s bullet proof design.

It may not look pretty, especially the older models. The finish on the 98 is notorious for flaking and chipping. As long as some inquiring young mind has not cracked open the body out of curiosity or for cleaning chances are it will work or can be easily repaired.

But its ruggedness is not what makes it the perfect gun. Buy one brand new and it will run around $130. A used one on Ebay runs between $90 and $110. What makes the 98 perfect is when you get tired of it you can sell it on Ebay for between $90 and $110.

Nearly every other marker loses 50% of its value the moment you buy it. Some lose as much as 75%. That can amount to hundreds of dollars just for screwing a tank into the ASA.

The Tippmann Model 98 hardly loses values at all. Even the first 98’s that came out in 1998 command a premium resale price. It’s not often that you find something you can buy and sell at the same price. It’s like getting a paintball gun to use for free. The only thing that might make the 98 more perfect is if it appreciated in value.

But let’s not get greedy.

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Reiner Schafer Jan 26, 2010, 9:53:00 AM  

Couldn't agree more. It makes good sense. There are a few other markers that fall into this category as well. One that is near and dear to my heart is the CCI Phantom. Buy a nice used one for $200, play with it a few years and sell it again for $200. If you hunt around a bit and find a "bargain", you might even sell it for more than you paid for it.

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