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Feb 27, 2010

Saturday Paintball Reruns...

From December 12, 2008


I have one of those fields that still offer 100 round bags of paintballs. At many fields you're only choice is a bag of 500 since that's how they come from the manufacturer. Once a week here at T-Square one of us sits and uses a 100 round cup to dip into the 500 round bags and pour 100 paintballs into a baggie. Over and over and over again. It's a bit monotonous but it's a chance to sit back, maybe watch some TV, and just enjoy the day.

Every now and again some wise guy will take their bag and ask if there is really 100 paintballs in the bag. Normally my response is, "Well you just sit there and count them and if you're short I'll give you free paintballs." Usually it ends there.

This past weekend someone took me up on the counting.

"There's not 100 paintballs in that bag."

"Well you just sit there and count them.  If you're short I'll give you free paintballs."

And danged if he didn't. Right there in front of me.

When he got to 100 and still had around 8 balls left in the bag he went off and disappeared into the crowd.

Seems like I have been giving away free paint all along. Eight balls at a time!


Crotchety Old Fan Feb 27, 2010, 4:06:00 PM  

8 balls x 5 re-packagings x oh, 6 cents per ball = $2.40 - which is more than enough to cover an investment in ten ten round tubes and the tape required to bundle them together. Stick them inside a container and roll the balls from the 500 round bag over them and viola - perfect 100 count.

Or - invest in the future. Get 50 ten round tubes and bundle them together; find a box they fit in to and decant the entire bag all at once. More fills, less TV!

mick Mar 1, 2010, 1:58:00 PM  

I've gone back to using the 10 tubes. I used to have a tall wooden box with ten square cups at the bottom. Dump in two 500 round bags, shake it down, lift the box and there was ten filled cups ready to bag.

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